Portland Condo Investors

Portland is a very attractive market for real estate investors. We are one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and not all of our new residents can afford to buy.  Many actually just prefer to rent but they don't want to be in an apartment building, so they're looking for condo rentals. Because of low interest rates it's possible for investors to buy a condo with 25% down and still cash flow. And depending on if the condo association allows AirBNB nightly rentals, you could have a place to stay when you're in town. We work with investors every day and can help you find a Portland investment property that fits your goals.

If you're considering an investment condo in the Portland area it's important to work with a team like ours that knows the condo market well.

Why work with Highrises.com?

  • We can help you with any type of property, not just high-rise condos
  • We know the leasing restrictions for each building
  • We know which buildings allow nightly rentals and AirBNB
  • We're familiar with which buildings qualify for the best financing
  • We know the ins and outs of each building's HOA
  • We know which buildings are best for students
  • Because we're helping condo buyers, sellers and renters every day we know which areas are the best for future appreciation
  • When you invest you need renters, and this site generates rental leads every day so we can help you find quality tenants after your purchase
  • Unlike other real estate websites we live and work in these neighborhoods and buildings every day

We love living in Portland and we're looking forward to speaking with you about your investment goals and how we can help.

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