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Condos in luxury high-rises are increasingly popular in cities across the country, with developers in some areas struggling to keep pace with demand. But are these types of living environments good choices for you? Before looking at listings of luxury condos for sale in your chosen city and getting in touch with local agents to check them out in person, it's important to do a bit of research and learn more about your real estate options.

Consider factors like the location you want to live in, whether you'd rather find a high-rise apartment for rent or buy a condo you can call your own, and what sorts of amenities are a must for your new living space. What's most important to you: Being able to look out your window and take in a stunning view of the water or of the bright lights of the city? Having access to concierge service? Living somewhere that's pet-friendly? Or having convenient parking, a park within walking distance, or a pool on the property?

You'll also want to take the time to learn about things like homeowners' associations and their fees and benefits. What does a condo association do, and what sorts of rules do they have? You should also look into the insurance requirements for high-rise- or condo-dwellers and how they might differ from what you're used to. And of course, you'll need to think about the major differences between living in an apartment, owning a condo, and owning a traditional home before making your decision. Once you've done your homework, you'll be better-equipped to choose the right living environment to satisfy your wants and needs.

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