Is the High-rise Lifestyle for You?

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High-rises offer an exciting lifestyle, including the luxury amenities not available in most single-family homes. At the same time a high-rise condo doesn’t require many of the typical maintenance and chores that come along with a standard home. Life in a high-rise offers the best of luxury, convenience and home ownership investment in one package.

Philadelphia skyline

The Pros

Breathtaking Views

Ok, let’s get to the obvious one first. If you’re considering a luxury high-rise, the astonishing view is likely near the top of your list. And why shouldn’t it be? Part of the appeal of living in a bustling and beautiful city is being able to take it all it in.

This is certainly much easier to do high above the city or beach, as opposed to closer to the ground level. Spectacular views often come at a premium price. Apartments and condos on higher floors generally warrant a higher dollar figure than those on lower levels. However, if a sprawling view of the city, river or Gulf is something you can’t live without, the additional cost is well worth it.

Close Proximity to High-End Restaurants and Entertainment

In most cities, the best entertainment venues and restaurants are located in the downtown area. For luxury high-rise residents, this gives them convenient access to upscale restaurants and premium entertainment. This can be as short as a 10-minute walk or quick ride to the best the city has to offer.

Entertainment options are vast and include:

  • Top-tier sporting events
  • Concerts by high-profile performers
  • First-run broadway shows

The same is true for the wide variety of fine dining. Whether you’re in the mood for a steak prepared by a world-class chef or sensational sushi, your appetite will be satisfied.

Easier to Manage Than a House

Being a homeowner is a major life milestone for many people, but it doesn’t come without problems. Through physical and financial upkeep, owning a house can create some headaches that don’t come with living in a luxury high-rise.

Big yard? You’ll need to manage it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. Roof or air conditioner needs to be replaced? You’re on the hook for the cost and hiring someone to do the job. When you live in a high-rise, these concerns aren’t present. In many cases, upkeep and maintenance on major components is left up to the property management company in charge of operating the high-rise.

For this reason, most luxury high-rises are run by top property management companies. It’s still worth your time to conduct research on the company to ensure its reputation meets the highest standards.

Access to Luxurious Amenities

For many people already living the high-rise lifestyle, on-site amenities tops their list of best features. The convenience of these amenities certainly plays into their elevated perception. Just imagine, you can walk three blocks to a 5-star restaurant or take the elevator down to a restaurant of comparable quality. Most people are likely to choose option B.

Examples of world-class amenities you can find on-site at high-rises include:

  • Rooftop infinity-edge pools
  • Coffee shops and cafes
  • State-of-the-art fitness centers
  • Grocery stores/markets
  • Entertainment lounges, libraries and game rooms

Prioritize the amenities that are most important to you and be on the lookout for them. Don’t settle for less than the best for your life of luxury.

Building Relationships and Making New Friends

High-rise communities with access to luxury amenities give you a chance to attend gatherings, join clubs, meet your neighbors and make new friends. There is often a diverse social calendar associated with high-rise living, giving you multiple opportunities to get to know the people around you. Many high-rise units also offer clubs such as mah-jongg, poker and other card games.

Single-family home neighborhoods and low-rise complexes don’t normally offer these types of chances to get out and mingle with your residential counterparts. In addition, features of many high-rise buildings facilitate interaction between neighbors. Amenities like these can help you to get to know your new friends in a more intimate setting:

  • Rooftop deck with 360-degree views, perfect for mingling with your new friends
  • Clubroom with a bar, piano and catering kitchen
  • Theater/media room
  • Cardroom for weekly social activities
  • Billiard room to play with your friends

The Cons

Neighbour Interference

Sometimes, in a multistory building you have neighbours living on both sides of you as well as across from you. This has its disadvantages. You may prefer peace and yet have to deal with noisy neighbours. Or you may want to have a few friends over and your neighbours may fuss about the disturbance you caused them. You will have to be very tolerant and adjusting to maintain good relationships with the people next door.

Lifts and Power

Most multistory buildings today have generators to help counter the problem of frequent power cuts. However there are situations when both the electricity and the generator falter. Or the lifts fail. In these cases you will have to braise yourself to climb several floors up. Elderly people may find this very difficult. You could check to see what back up systems the builder has provided.

It Can Be Windy

The higher you live in the high rise building the more likely that you only have a distant view. It could also be very windy to sit out on the balcony.

Difficulty in High-Above-Ground Repair work

If the building is flush (for the sake of a sleek appearance) installing air conditioners and maintaining air conditioners, repairing a leaking pipeline etc becomes very difficult. In these cases technicians and plumbers have to install scaffolding and risk their lives to attend to minor repairs. Check with the builder or other residents what measures have been put in place to ensure safe and easy repair work.

Chaotic Internet and TV connections

In multistory apartments the number of Internet and TV dishes are so many and there is total disorder in the way they are installated on the rooftop. This results in owners not knowing which dish belongs to them. The chaotic wiring on the rooftop also spoils the terrace space. If the apartment association employs a manager who oversees all TV and Internet connections and repairs on the rooftop this problem can be reduced.

Difficulty keeping a pet

Even if the association has no rule banning pets in the apartment complex, taking your dog down for a walk becomes cumbersome if you live in the higher floors of the building.

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