Seattle's Most Walkable Neighborhoods

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You don't need a car in most of the residential neighborhoods in the Emerald City. It's one of the most walkable places to live in the country. However, even in this pedestrian-friendly town, one place stands out: Downtown Seattle.

The whole downtown area is completely walkable and incredibly well serviced by public transit. You can also easily bike or skate to where you want to go. One of the best things about living in this area of Seattle is how many different cultures are packed into such a small area — each neighborhood in the city center has its own unique character.

1. Pioneer Square

Deep history and world-class venues come together in the city's oldest neighborhood. Pioneer Square is a sports-lover's dream, with Lumen Field and the recently renamed T-Mobile Park just steps away from the area’s premiere high rises.

2. West End

The West End is basically synonymous with Pike Place market, but there's more to explore. Check out Daily Dozen Donuts and the original Starbucks for a winning combination in the morning. In the evening, you'll have plenty of options to enjoy the nightlife on and around the newly redeveloped waterfront.

3. Belltown

Belltown, Seattle, is getting hipper by the minute. New developments as well as plenty of cool boutiques and cutting-edge restaurants just accelerate the process. This is the place to be if you want an updated, urban vibe.

4. South Lake Union

You can't talk about SLU without mentioning Amazon. Anyone who works for the tech giant will probably want to consider this area for the sake of convenience alone. There are also various unique, cutting-edge, Amazon-related neighborhood amenities such as cashier-less stores to experience.

Bonus: The Whole Downtown

The little neighborhoods that constitute downtown add up to a bustling metro area brimming with nearby amenities. Understanding each micro-district's quirks and perks goes a long way, but if you’re having a hard time deciding you can split the difference. Try buying on the borders of these little neighborhoods. [Insignia]( on the border of Belltown and SLU is a great example. Check out all that Seattle has to offer by browsing our interactive building directory.

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