6 Easy Projects for Sheltering in Place

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We’re all going a bit stir crazy during this time of sheltering in place, aren’t we? (And to those of you medical professionals and other essential workers out there taking care of the rest of us, thank you!)

Whether furloughed, working from home with extra time from lack of commuting, or just a slower life pace sans socializing, here are six low-cost, simple, and satisfying home projects you can tackle now. Your future self will thank you when these are complete and you’re back to work, busy, and social.

First off, please remember to keep yourself safe. Note that any trip to the hardware store is a health risk and ordering online from warehouses can be delayed. Practice all necessary precautions both inside and outside of your home.

Clean Out and Organize Household Closets and Storage

The good thing about the Marie Kondo trend is that it’s exactly that — a trend. You can take what you like and leave the rest. Even if you don't love every part of the Marie Kondo approach, you can still sing the praises of the folding method — wow, does it really work! Pulling everything out into a big pile and then sorting through it makes a big difference. Here you can see her life-changing folding method for yourself in under three minutes.

Do a Whole-House Dusting

While we may be good at running the vacuum cleaner and wiping down surfaces, how often do we scour the top of the fridge or inside the kitchen cabinets? What about those cobwebs that collect around windows? Put together your favorite Apple or Spotify playlist and get into your dusting groove, room by room. It’s a high-satisfaction activity and you don’t even need to leave the house!

Fix Those Pesky Broken Things

Aren’t we all guilty of not repairing or replacing that broken thing that’s been causing us mild grief for ages? Have a look around, see what’s been broken, and fix them up with your new-found free time. Not interested in doing it yourself? Start a list for your handyperson or contractor.

Don’t Overlook Batteries and Bulbs

We’ve all heard the suggestion to check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and other battery-operated equipment during daylight savings time changes. If you haven’t been following the suggested protocol, why not do a battery check now? If you have an annoying, burned-out recessed bulb that’s creating a dark corner, get it done now. You’ll be so happy you did.

Revisit Caulk and Grout

One of the most insidious types of household damage is water. Properly caulked sinks and tubs will help keep water out of places it’s not supposed to go. The “advanced” version of this might be tackling a re-grouting project or resealing of grout.

Start Your Spring Herb Garden

Some herbs can be grown indoors or on your balcony. You can order seeds from the comfort of your living room, or if you’ve got to do that hardware store run for a smoke detector or light bulbs, you’ll often find seeds and starter at your local store.

This might be a time more for browsing and planning than full-on shopping, but what a great time to be inspired. Stay safe and healthy and careful, everyone.

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