10 Tips For Selling Your Condo

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Are you thinking about selling your condo? Because we have experience on both ends of the condo transaction experience, we’re here to share some tips to help you sell your condo. With a few adjustments, your unit can be not only ready to sell, but ready to move fast, too.

1. Place a few plants in the entry

Although most condos already have landscaped public areas, do those natural elements flow into your unit? The first thing a potential buyer should see are some healthy, green plants. Consider displaying them in a thoughtful way that incorporates plant holders and stands. On top of that, the entry should be clean and well swept. Get rid of any old or dirty entry mats that make the place look dingy.

2. Check the lighting and plumbing

The last thing you want is to explain why basic elements like lights and plumbing aren’t working. Also, make sure you have clean towels and hand soap in your bathrooms and that they’re spotlessly cleaned. It’s hard for someone to think about buying your place if they spend the rest of their time at your place wondering, “Ewwww, what was on that towel?”

3. Do a deep clean — then clean it again and again

Hoping that your definition of clean and a buyer’s definition of clean are the same thing is not a chance you want to take. A deep clean includes steaming carpets, polishing furniture, washing walls, scouring the fridge, dusting blinds, and more is essential. If you aren’t sure whether or not your place is clean enough, try the baby test: Would you let a baby crawl on your floor worry free? If so, then it’s clean. If not, you better get back to scrubbing.

4. Hire a qualified home inspector

A home inspector sees homes day in and day out. You want a professional to do an assessment of the repairs that will need to be done. You can avoid having to lower your price later if you fix the items that will need to be repaired now.

5. Make big-impact updates

If the white walls in any of your rooms are looking a little dingy, now is the time to paint. Avoid colors and stick with white to help increase the perception of spaciousness. Buyers would rather see how beautiful your home is than try to imagine what it could be.

6. Clean out closets and drawers

Don't just shove personal items into drawers and closets for showings. When drawers and closets are clean, they can appear larger — and buyers love space. Take all the items out and decide to keep only what you need. Donate the items you can live without to a local charity (and get a receipt for a tax deduction at the end of the year). You’ll be happy you did this when you move into your new place without a million boxes of things to unpack.

7. Create the perfect lighting

If you are showing your place during the day, open windows help make the space feel larger. If you’re doing a showing after dark, make sure to have all the lights on inside and out to create an inviting and warm space. Remember, light makes a home feel warm and cozy.

8. Remove clutter

If a buyer sees clutter in the living spaces or closets, they could see this as a sign that your condo doesn’t have enough room to live clutter free.

9. Avoid over decorating

Keep decorations simple. This might sound odd, but it’s best to depersonalize the space. It’s harder for someone to imagine themselves living in your unit if it feels too much like someone else’s space. Think of this as the art of reverting your space from a painting back to a blank canvas. To add your fresh touch, place vases of flowers throughout the home.

10. Create a feature that’s unique to your unit

What makes your unit different from the one next door? Think about what makes your condo unique — is it the view, the lighting, the proximity to the elevator, or something else? Whatever it is, make sure to highlight this feature to potential buyers.

If you’re ready to see your next condo, get in touch with us today.

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