Tallest Condo Buildings in San Francisco

The difference between living on the 15th floor and the 45th is exponential.  If you want to see the bridges, mountains and water over the tops of the other buildings in San Francisco, then we recommend you add these high-rise condominiums to your list.

  1. Millennium Tower     60 Stories     645 feet
  2. One Rincon Hill        60 Stories     641 feet
  3. St. Regis                   42 Stories     484 feet
  4. The Infinity II            41 Stories      450 feet
  5. The Paramount 40 Stories 420 feet (rental)
  6. Four Seasons 40 Stories 398 feet
  7. The Infinity I 37 Stories 350 feet
  8. The Summit 32 Stories 315 feet
  9. Ritz-Carlton 24 Stories 312 feet

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