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Downsizing from Port Royal to a Highrise Beach Condo

To simplify life by doing away with maintenance responsibilities, we see Port Royal homeowners downsizing into nearby beach condos such as Laurentians, Sancerre, Whitehall or Via Delfino. Should you find yourself contemplating the same, but are reluctant to give up your Port Royal Club membership, give the Port Royal Club a call at 239-261-7615 and see if they will let you continue your membership in this scenario.

Call Sean at 239-208-0858 or submit an inquiry below for a discreet, no obligation tour of some nearby beach condos. If being super close to the Port Royal Club is not a consideration for you then The Regent, Provence, Aria, Le Rivage, Le Ciel Venetian or Le Ciel Park are all great

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The Chapel at Bishop's Gate

Built in 1927, The Chapel at Bishop's Gate was originally home the St. Augustine Parochial School, Washington's oldest parish school. Its masterful renovation used creative design to retain the chapel's most distinct qualities. Each residence in the Chapel building are unique and feature original architectural elements including 30 foot vaulted ceilings, original leaded stained glass windows, spiral staircases, and marble wainscoting. (learn more about The Chapel at Bishop's Gate)

The Chapel at Bishop's Gate is located in at 1715 15th St NW in Logan Circle


The Carberry School

Carbery School's groundbreaking restoration launched a movement to restore and repurpose DC's historic schoolhouses. Built in 1887, the

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The Pandemic and Mourning, by Ted Riter

“Unprecedented…unparalleled…extraordinary…” These are some of the adjectives that accompany talk of the COVID-19 Pandemic. These may all be true for the actual virus and how it spreads, but how we move through this time period is all too familiar. 

As a rabbi and leadership coach, guiding people through death, mourning and other crises for the past 25 years, this is what I have learned:

  1. For the mourners, the time immediately after death through the next days, weeks, and longer, can seem surreal. Everyone else is going about their lives as usual, and the mourner’s world has come to a screeching halt.
  2. Life will never be the same again.
  3. There are competing needs to be both with others and
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We’re all going a bit stir crazy during this time of sheltering in place, no? (And to those of you medical professionals and other essential workers taking care of the rest of us, THANK YOU!)  

Whether furloughed, working from home with freed time from lack of commuting, or just a slower life from lack of socializing, here are 7 low-cost, simple, and satisfying home projects you can tackle now. Your future self will thank you when these are complete and you’re back to work, busy, and social!

First off, please remember to keep yourself safe, and note that any trip to the hardware store is a health risk, as well as online ordering from warehouses. Practice all precautions! If you’re following our site, you may be a renter or a homeowner looking to

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How is the Gross Rent Multiplier Calculated?

Calculating the gross rent multiplier for a parcel of real estate is simple: market value divided by gross annual rent income. For example, if you have a million-dollar condo building that makes $150,000 a year, the GRM is 6 2/3. You should raise an eyebrow at any GRM above 12 or below 4.

Estimating Market Value

Usually, you'll be solving for fair market price. Multiply an average GRM for your target market by the amount of money you expect to earn in rent on a specific property, and you should get that property's estimated market value.

Comparing With Other Metrics

GRM is not the whole story. In fact, it's generally less reliable than capitalization rate — another popular investment property

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1. The Bower

Enjoy a view of the Anacostia River with close proximity to Capitol Hill at The Bower in Navy Yard. The Bower is located at 1300 4th St SE, Washington, DC 20003.

View available condos for sale at The Bower. 

2. The Oronoco

Experience Old Town Alexandria with a water view from the luxurious condominium, The Oronoco. The Oronoco is located at 601 N Fairfax St #605, Alexandria, VA 22314.

View available condos for sale at The Oronco.

3. Harbour Square

Harbour Square is a new Co-op with an expansive Rooftop and extensive amenities. Harbour Square is located at 400 - 560 N St SW, Washington, DC 20024.

View available Harbour Square condos for sale.

4. Prospect House

Prospect House offers 2 story living with the

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The Capitalization Rate or "Cap Rate" is a quick-and-dirty way to check the financial outlook of a real-estate investment property. You probably wouldn't use it on your primary residence — there are much better ways of making that type of decision.

In fact, cap rate is a relatively volatile statistic when looking at any single-family or single-unit property. So when it does come in handy? Cap rate is often a useful tool when choosing a multi-unit property like a duplex, multifamily building, or a condo development which are all investments of similar risk levels.

Of course, you don't have to be a billion-dollar real estate investor to get a lot of useful, actionable information out of these rates.

Keep reading for further information and

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1. Wardman Tower

Located at 2660 Connecticut Ave NW #7D, Wardman Tower is a historic luxury building less than 1 block from the Woodley Park Metro Station. View available condos at Wardman Tower.

2. Jenkins Row

 Jenkins Row is a four-story brick building located at 1391 Pennsylvania Ave SE in the heart of Capitol Hill. The building is just 1 Block from Potomac Station! View available condos at Jenkins Row.

3. The Clara Barton

The Clara Barton is situated just above Penn Quarter's vibrant 7th Street Strip at 616 E St NW and is just under 2 blocks away from the Archives Metro Station. View available condos at The Clara Barton.

4. Mather Studios

 Dating back to 1919, Mather Studios was completely renovated in 2003 and is now home to loft

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The Grand Hyatt Hotel Downtown is one of the most iconic and recognizable buildings  in San Antonio. Rising 33 stories above Market Street, this spectacular high-rise has not only made a place for itself as one of the tallest buildings in San Antonio, but has forever changed our city’s skyline.

The Grand Hyatt Hotel occupies the first 24 floors of the building while the most sought after real estate, floors 25 through 33 are exclusively home to Alteza’s private condos and 33rd floor penthouses. This residential community offers resort style amenities and is easily walkable to Downtown. If you are have any interest in high-rise living, Alteza is a must see.

Upon entering, residents are greeted by a 24 hour concierge who is eager to assist with

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I felt inspired to write this piece this week after learning how few colleagues intend to hold open houses for their listings and reading about how charities are overloaded with well-intentioned volunteers who want to work with the less fortunate and count their blessings--only this time of year. I relate this to the perpetual busyness everyone complains about when not focusing on their home search. Historically, the holidays have proven an excellent time for buyers, from reduced competition to sellers wanting to unload for tax purposes. Read on for all 5 reasons to purchase now--with the bonus 6th reason that I’m here to help!

1. Decreased competition. Have you been making the busyness excuse? Too busy to get pre-approved or to meet up and discuss

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