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It’s spring going on summer in St. Louis which means there are plenty of family-friendly, fun outdoor activities around the city to participate in– especially over Memorial Day Weekend.

Here is what’s going on in STL this month:

Come From Away

May 14 - 26

This musical at the Fabulous Fox is running until the Sunday before Memorial Day. An award-winning show, Come From Away tells the story of 7,000 stranded passengers in the small town of Newfoundland– all about cultures clashing and how two groups of people ultimately came together.

Pompeii: The Exhibition

May 17 - November 3

This fresh new exhibit at the Saint Louis Science Center relives the story of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii with more than 150 authentic 2,000-year-old artifacts and

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Do you love living in LA, but need to have some green space nearby? Then check out these seven Dallas high-rise condo buildings that are either right next door to a park or with a block or two.


5. Cove - Marina Del Rey

Cove is a prestigious high-rise building located in Marina Del Rey. The building is separated from the harbor by Yvonne B. Burke Park, a 10 acre green space with a fitness circuit, bike trail, and plenty of space for BBQ'ing and picnics. View available condos at Cove.

4. Azzurra - Marina Del Rey

Cove's next door neighbor, the luxury Azzurra building also benefits from its close proximity to Yvonne B. Burke Park. View available condos at Azzurra.

3. 101 Ocean - Santa Monica

101 Ocean is a Santa Monica icon

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What's your idea of a tech job paradise? Maybe you want a high salary. Maybe you have a long list of criteria, like Amazon. In 2019 the tech industry is booming but cities are head and shoulders above the rest as far as job availability and salary. The cities on our list all have adjusted average tech salaries around the $80 - 110k range, so they are a great place to start your search.

1. Seattle

Seattle is ranked at the top because tech employees make up over 40% of the office workforce in the City. In addition, the cost of living is relatively low especially considering the fact that you could land a job at one of the most valuable companies in the world. The city is home to several world-class employers, including a few that you may

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Portland is a pretty green city. However, living the in-town condo lifestyle may mean that open park space isn't closely available. If you are looking for a condo with green space nearby, check out these five Portland high-rise condo buildings that are either right next door to a park or with a block or two.

5. John Ross - South Waterfront

The John Ross is a modern high-rise building located in Portland's South Waterfront district. The building neighbors Elizabeth Caruthers Park which is a 2 acre green space that includes public art, a splash pad, boardwalks, and courts for different types of recreation. View available condos at the John Ross.

4. The Strand - South Waterfront

The Stand is a collection of three condo towers located at

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There's no doubt that many people involved in the hot Las Vegas, NV, market taking advantage of investment opportunities. However, people also consider buying here for a number of other reasons. Whether you're moving to town, buying housing for a college student or spending some of your casino winnings, there's something on the market for you. 

The hottest Vegas area is the legendary strip. The areas around this nexus are also quite popular among developers, investors and those looking for a contemporary urban lifestyle. Focusing on these areas, here's what a half a million could get you when you're shopping for a condo in Vegas.


 Sky Las Vegas

The Sky tower rises 45 stories up above the strip, right next door to the Sahara Resort. You

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Do you love the lifestyle that come with high-rise living, but need to have some green space nearby? Then check out these five Seattle high-rise condo buildings that are either right next door or just with a block or two of a park.

5. The Ellington - Belltown

The Ellington is a great option. It makes the list because of its close proximity to both the Olympic Sculpture Park, a nine acre green space filled with lush landscaping and iconic works of art, as well as Myrtle Edwards Park which features a 1.25 mile path perfect for walking or biking and . View available condos at The Ellington.

4. Bellora - Belltown

Another Belltown building, Bellora, is also located steps from the Olympic Sculpture Park. Not to mention, the building boasts

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Earth Day is officially April 22nd. We’ve been celebrating Earth Day in the US since April 1970 when 20 million Americans demonstrated to force the protection of our environment onto the national agenda. In December 1970, Congress created a new federal agency to handle environmental issues– the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Prior to the creation of the EPA, there were no regulations keeping factories from releasing toxic smoke into the air or dumping toxic waste into local water sources. It was completely legal to poison our environment. If not for the EPA, we would not have the Clean Air Act nor the Clean Water Act. Earth Day is a time to celebrate and renew our dedication as Americans to protect the environment we live in.

The following are

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The amenity rich lifestyle that accompanies High-rise living can be all encompassing. However, one thing that can be difficult to incorporate to condo living is green space.  Living near a park isn't just good for our furry friends, having a one nearby is good for people too. If having a park within a block or two of your home is important to you, check out these Atlanta condo buildings.

5. Centennial Park West - Downtown

Centennial Park West is a popular building located in Downtown Atlanta. One of the biggest perks about living here is that you're just steps away from Centennial Olympic Park. Home to the 1996 summer Olympics, Centennial Olympic Park is a 22 acre urban green space featuring the iconic Fountain of Rings, gardens, walking and

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As mentioned in my In Defense of the HOA (Dues) article, the number one objection I get from buyers is that condos will cost them more than houses because of HOA dues. Given the age of houses here in the Bay and the amount of maintenance and upkeep they require, and given my personal receipts, I feel it’s safe to say that a condo will generally cost less in monthly maintenance. That still doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Let’s look at some myths and facts about condos vs. houses. 

Note: “Condo” for purposes of this article includes coops, townhouses, and lofts, while “house” is a single-family residence (SFR). 

The myth of the condo costing more because of HOA dues should be sufficiently debunked by now. For more details, see the above-referenced

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Let me first state that I’m defending no HOA, as all HOAs are different, run by different boards, the quirky personalities that comprise those boards, and often outside management companies hired by the HOAs, with varying degrees of competence. Rather, I’m defending HOA dues, as compared to costs of owning and maintaining a single-family home.

The number one objection I receive to purchasing condos from buyers is the monthly HOA payments, as if magically these figures will be saved by owning a single-family home instead. This outlook can be incomplete and misguided. Because I sell here in the Bay Area, I’ll be comparing costs in the Bay. Mileage may vary in far-flung areas.

Note first that HOA dues tend to cover at minimum water/sewer and garbage

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