Client Testimonials

"I am not one to make recommendations lightly.  In fact, I really don’t like making them to others all that much because, let’s face it,  there is risk involved.   People and places sometimes do let us down.  My great experience might have been just lucky.  A great hotel, restaurant or service might have been wonderful for me, but not so for you if consistency is lacking.  And, I wind up looking like a fool.  I don’t like that.

I had my home listed for sale  and after a year with no results, I knew it was time for new representation.  I interviewed all the big players and was within days of signing an agreement with one of them.  A voice inside my head said, “wait.”  I’m grateful for having listened to that voice.   Something made me Google “high rise condos” and up popped I then narrowed it down to San Francisco and found  (If you go there you’ll see a featured property in our building).  That’s how I met Leslie Bauer and James Testa. 

The dream team of James and Leslie worked extraordinarily hard and tirelessly on my behalf from start to finish.  No request was too large or too small for them to fulfill.  In our first meeting, they outlined a serious, thoughtful, state-of-the-art marketing  proposal with an impressive, multifaceted strategy employing every possible means to connect with potential qualified buyers.  My jaw dropped open when I Googled my property and found it had exploded all over the Internet!  More importantly, in that first meeting they gently moved me forward, focusing on where I wanted to be rather than where I had been.  Their written proposal contained as many representations of the property I wished to purchase as the property I wished to sell.  (They represented me with both transactions).  Within three weeks we had a full-price offer.  Their recent impressive sales activity representing other buyers and sellers at 200 Brannan is no surprise to me.

In preparation for moving, I came across that proposal and came close to tossing it out.  I hesitated, however, and, being sentimental at heart, realized that it had become a treasured keepsake.  I tucked it away as a chronicle of the roadmap to one more of life’s dreams, which had come true. 

I extend this recommendation to you with no fear of feeling like a fool whatsoever.  James Testa and Leslie Bauer are two consummate real estate professionals of the highest echelon.  They are passionate about what they do and the people they serve.  The best interests of their clients, above all else, are unmistakably of paramount importance to them.  I am at a loss for words to describe my gratitude for their service to me."

- Dr. Robert Pike, Former resident of 200 Brannan

"We so much appreciate how you lead us through the first time condo purchase, listening to our interests, and touring us to appropriate places, and understanding our inclinations and decision process.  The more I talk to others, we also see that your speed and expertise in knowing how to handle the paperwork process and navigate the association requirements made things really easy for us.  Plus we like your friendly relaxed efficient smile!"

- Gail Brownell, Arterra Buyer