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The three tallest purely residential towers in America currently are:

You can see them all on our Tallest Residential Buildings page.

High-Rise Condos is the premiere online resource for information about residential high-rise condominiums. We partner with over 40 real estate brokerages across the country to bring you the latest listings, reviews and building information so you can make an informed decision about buying, selling or renting a high-rise condo. We also provide an easy way for you to connect with a Realtor who specializes in high-rise condominium sales. The term "high-rise" has a different meaning in each city, for instance in Chicago it usually refers to a building that is at least 30 stories, whereas in Nashville a 10-story building would qualify. We've done our best to classify the buildings accordingly and present them on a city-by-city basis. If we've missed a building, or have one misclassified please feel free to tell us.

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Put your view on Instagram and tag it with #highrises. If we like it we'll add it here and repost it out to our audience. 2015 Scholarships Announcing the Scholarship Program will award two $1,000 scholarships in 2015 to students who bring awareness to the environmental benefits of living in an LEED-Certified condominium building. Read more...