Why Work With a Condo Expert in St Louis?

  • When buying lofts and condos it's even more important to have a trusted real estate advisor because:
  • There may be lawsuits and pending litigation
  • You're going to need help navigating the intricacies of the various buildings
  • To understand the various loan types
  • Understand the building finances and the financial health of the HOA
  • Insurance coverage issues are different with a condo than a home
  • During the option period the CCRS are going to come to you from a company in Florida who just regurgitates the info. You need a condo expert to explain what's in there to you, your lender and the property management company.
  • Get the inside scoop - we know the people and the players and can get you the inside scoop.  Our network operates within the same network of the HOA
  • Do you know the difference between
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