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Welcome to Highrises.com Spokane... Your complete condo guide!  Located in the north east corner of Washington and just 92 miles south of the Canadian Border, Spokane is immersed in beautiful natural surroundings including the Spokane River and Rocky Mountain Foothills.   The clean air and quality of life are just a few of the reasons that people love living in Spokane.  There are many condo options in Spokane now and we hope you find this guide helpful. (read more about condo living in Spokane)

Condo Living in Spokane

Spokane offers different living styles for everyone. The most walkable neighborhoods are Riverside, Brownes Addition and Emerson/Garfield.  There are some beautiful condos in South Hill neighborhood, which is one of the locals favorites for an upscale more suburban neighborhood vibe, yet not to far from downtown.  If you want to live downtown there are some great buildings that have been converted into lofts and condos and some new modern developments under construction that will boast luxury amenities.  Downtown hugs the Spokane river so there is always a spectacular peaceful view nearby.

History of Spokane

The original inhabitants were the “Spokane” natives meaning “Children of the Sun”.  Fur traders first arrived in the region in 1810.  When gold was discovered in Idaho in 1883, there was an influx of visitors and new residents into Spokane.  A large fire in 1889 burned 32 blocks of downtown Spokane and was followed by a massive rebuilding until 1912 when the population soared above 100,000.  When the rail arrived, Spokane became a major hub in the Western United States.  In the 20th century the economy was primarily driven by mining and Spokane was known as a center for Industrial Workers of the World or “Wobblies” speaking up for labor rights and freedom of speech.  

About Spokane, WA

Spokane is located on the north east side of Washington at 1,843 feet above sea level.  One of the thing that makes it so unique is that the Spokane River runs directly through the city.  Although the city of Spokane is located in the planes, Mount Spokane nearby has an elevation of 5,883 feet.  The weather is a cool-summer Mediterranean climate with summers in the 70’s and winters in the high 20’s to low 30’s.

The economy in Spokane has historically been manufacturing with gross product at 19.48 billion dollars in 2010, however Spokane is moving more to be a service related economy and many see planning and urban design being more sustainable in the future.  Currently the top employers are the State, County, Medical Centers, Public Schools and the Air Force Base.

As far as activities, Spokane has plenty to do.  For the outdoor enthusiast, there are hikes for walking, running and biking.  There are rivers to relax, swim or white water raft.  Local independent wineries and breweries are nearby to share their latest concoctions with you and your guests.  Enjoy the arts with large or small theatre productions or an opening at a gallery.  Live music can be heard all over town and in nearly any style.  For the foodies, there is everything from Madeleine’s famous pastries to the best tomato soup at Europa.  Spokane has plenty to offer the those who like a peaceful and adventurous life.

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