South Padre Island Condos

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Welcome to South Padre Island... Your complete high-rise condo guide!  As one of the most popular beach cities on the Gulf, South Padre Island has a great reputation for good times, great weather and white sandy beaches.  South Padre area has really taken off in recent years, and there are a lot of condominium options, whether your goal is to live here year-round or just for a short vacation.  Our goal is to help you zero in on the condo that's right for you. (Read more about condo living in South Padre)

South Padre Condo Living

Many visitors come to South Padre Island every year, and many of them choose to stay in vacation condos on the beach.  Others decide to buy a condo and settle down here.  Another option is to buy a condo and then make money with it by renting it out to vacationers.  Then the condo is here and ready for you whenever you want to use it.  South Padre Island is a special place where warm weather, an island atmosphere and water converge to provide both residents and visitors with an environment where life can be enjoyed to its fullest.

About South Padre Island

Located on the southern tip of Padre Island, the longest barrier island in the world, South Padre Island Texas is a vacation and winter resort that provides a warm retreat from the cold regions of the United States. It boasts the longest sand beach in the United States. Many retirees, known as “Winter Texans,” spend the winter months enjoying the pleasant and warm beaches and lifestyle. Each year there is an event known as the Winter Texan Appreciation Fish Fry which features live music. While there are only about 5,900 permanent residents, over one million visitors come to South Padre Island, including large numbers of college students during Spring Break each year. Numerous activities are planned for the students and it is a well-orchestrated event. The lifestyle of the South Padre Island, which is part of Cameron County and in the Central Time Zone, can best be described as “beach relaxed “for both residents and visitors.

History of South Padre

Padre Island was originally Spanish territory and then part of independent Mexico. When the Republic of Texas won independence from Mexico the island remained part of Mexico, not becoming part of the United States until the peace treaty which ended the Mexican War in 1848. The island contains the Padre Island National Seashore with South Padre Island being the developed southern end located a mere 30 miles from Mexico. South Padre Island is connected to mainland Texas via a two and one-half mile bridge. As any other barrier island, historically the island has been subject to numerous storms and hurricanes.

Incorporated in 1973, the Town of South Padre Island is the governing governmental body. Education for children of permanent residents is provided by the Port Isabel Independent School District. A child growing up in South Padre will attend two elementary schools, a junior high and finally Port Isabel High School prior to graduation. The town has been designated a certified retirement community by the State of Texas, meaning it has met the criteria of a desirable place for retirement. For South Padre Island, it is the warm weather, good housing, an affordable lifestyle and activities suitable for retirees that make it a retirement destination. One amenity of South Padre Island that appeals to everyone is the free transit system. Known as the WAVE, this system gives residents and visitors an easy way to navigate the area with no hassle and cost.

Visiting South Padre Island

Other activities which are part of a beach community include windsurfing, jet skiing and parasailing. Horseback riding on the beach is another alternative. Water activities involve the Gulf of Mexico on one side of the island and Laguna Madre Bay on the other. Visitors can watch the sunset over the bay and then enjoy an active nightlife which includes dining at many restaurants along with music and dancing. If fishing has been a part of the day’s events, then there are restaurants which will cook the daily catch.

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