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Explore our up-to-date listings of high-rise condos for sale in San Diego, CA! Whether your priority is luxury amenities, an idyllic view of the city, or a pet-friendly space, your dream home might be waiting among our selection of San Diego luxury condos for sale. Want to live above it all and enjoy scenic views of the skyline from your living room? Consider some of the tallest buildings offering new condos in San Diego, such as Electra Condos or Pinnacle Marina Tower. Or if you're looking for other conveniences, including valet services, pools, and gyms, contact our local condo experts to find condos for sale in San Diego with the exact luxury amenities you're looking for.

Denny Oh is our local expert agent, and when you speak with him about your needs, he can help you buy a condo in San Diego that perfectly matches them.  Many San Diego high-rise condos feature top-of-the-line appliances, so you can relax in style once you find your new home.  Dog owners will find that many of our high-rise homes for sale in San Diego are pet-friendly and feature on-site spaces for dogs to play and walk.

Browse our selection of the top high-rises of the area and filter the condo listings based on location, price, and size. With, you'll always find the latest listings of luxury San Diego apartments, loft spaces, and high-rise condos hiding in the city's beautiful skyscrapers.  We can also help you sell your condo. If you are ready, call or text our local market experts at 619-550-0502 to schedule a tour of the featured San Diego high-rise condos that interest you today!

We want to make your transition to "America's Finest City" as smooth as possible, so we've created a short San Diego guide exploring how our city earned that nickname. With our help, you can experience your new home like a native San Diegan!

An Ultimate Guide for Living in San Diego

From the comfort of their luxury condos, San Diego residents can enjoy all that the city has to offer, and we're going to explore what exactly those things are. Whether you're thinking about moving to San Diego or you're ready to start packing tomorrow, our comprehensive living-in-San-Diego guide can help you adjust, have fun, and learn some local secrets!

Table of Contents:

Why Living in San Diego is Great

Is San Diego a good place to live? That depends on you, of course, but there are many things to know about moving to San Diego that can help you decide. It has an intensely high cost of living, a laid-back culture, no seasons, sandy beaches, and an excellent record for green living, just to name a few important factors to consider. To fully answer the question, "What's it like to live in San Diego?" we're going to look at several key indicators.

San Diego's Cost of Living: Lower Than You'd Think

Those looking at San Diego high-rise condos might not be too worried about the high costs the city brings, but the San Diego cost of living should be something everyone considers.

According to the MIT Living Wage Index, a local adult with no children must make at least $32,462 before taxes in order to pay for normal expenses. (For reference, someone in San Francisco would need to make $38,968, and someone in Los Angeles would need to make at least $30,602.) Here are a few more metrics to consider:

  • Housing: According to MIT's index, the average housing cost for one adult is high, about $15,084 a year, but that number pales in comparison to San Francisco, where housing is $20,794 for a year for one person. Housing is typically the largest expense one needs to worry about in most cities in California.

  • Utilities: San Diego gas and electric typically comes to a median of $192.64 per month, according to

  • Transportation: While gasoline is upwards of $3 per gallon, the city is known for having a pretty decent public transportation system, complete with buses and trolleys.

  • Groceries: While rent may be high for high-rise apartments in San Diego, making the overall cost of living high, groceries are fairly reasonable, with a basic lunch averaging about $15, according to Expatistan.

This is one of the most important things to weigh when considering living in San Diego: pros and cons of the high costs. Of course, the city isn't without its benefits. The average salary is $56,410 in San Diego, and the job market is healthy. U.S. News & World Report ranks it as the 36th best place to live in the country and the 14th best place to retire.

Greenest City in the Country

We took a deep dive into the data to discover the greenest cities in America, collecting six key data points on the top 50 populated MSAs to discover which cities are taking strides to become more sustainable. The figures are in: San Diego has ranked #1 on the list as the greenest city in America! With a low carbon footprint, a solid, executed commitment to solar energy, and a low number of lone commuting drivers, "America's Finest City" has topped the list of the most environmentally friendly cities in the USA!

Click to view the full results

The Greenest US Cities - San Diego is #1

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These are the data points we used to discover which are the greenest cities in the U.S.:

We ranked renewable energy (1 point) lower due to it being state-level data and population density (2 points) lower due to its varied effect on resource consumption. Hopefully, the most sustainable cities in the U.S. will continue to improve their rankings in all factors as time goes on, but for now, great work, San Diego!

Beaches and Beautiful Weather

There are 70 miles of coastline and 19 major beaches here; we'll explore some of them when we talk about the best things to do in San Diego, CA. The temperature can get down into the 50s in the winter months and will climb into the 60s and 70s in the summer months, with a rainy season in August. It almost goes without saying that the weather is amazing, averaging 146 sunny days per year. Snow has only fallen here five times in 125 years. While living in San Diego, quality of life will often be great thanks to the ample amounts of sun and sand, making it an excellent place to relax or retire.

A Gorgeous Skyline

This city has a beautiful skyline near the water, and you can rent or buy the luxury apartments and condos inside the glittering San Diego skyscrapers.

Harbor Club Condos

Tallest Condo Buildings in San Diego

Want to live above it all and enjoy the highest views in San Diego from your living room? Then consider these buildings, as they are the ten tallest San Diego residential condo buildings.

  1. Electra Condos — 43 floors, 475 feet

  2. Pinnacle Marina Tower — 36 floors, 450 feet

  3. Pacific Gate - 41 floors, 449 feet

  4. Harbor Club — 41 floors, 424 feet

  5. The Grande — 39 floors, 420 feet

  6. Savina - 36 Floors, 413 feet

  7. Bayside at the Embarcadero — 36 floors, 395 feet

  8. The Mark — 33 floors, 381 feet

  9. Sapphire Tower — 33 floors, 380 feet

  10. The Metropolitan — 34 floors, 375 feet

Things to Do in San Diego for Locals New to the Area

While looking at and shopping for downtown San Diego condos, newcomers may be wondering where the tourist traps are, where the cool secrets in the city are, and which are the best places to see. We're going to do a quick San Diego guide for those moving to the area, including key events, main attractions, and the most unique, interesting, and obscure places to visit!

Where to Look Up Local San Diego Events

The Main San Diego Attractions

First, before you become a local expert, let's go over some of the basic San Diego points of interest. This is where a lot of the tourists spend their time, but on low-traffic days, they can be the top places to go in San Diego for locals showing off the city to their friends!

  • The San Diego Zoo: Ranking consistently as the #1 zoo in the world, the famous zoo is simply a San Diego must-see, including a safari, aerial tram, miniature train, and a lot more. It's among the top things to do in San Diego with kids.

  • Balboa Park: This world-famous park can't possibly be explored in just one day. It's the home of the San Diego Natural History Museum, the San Diego Museum of Art, the San Diego Air & Space Museum, the Museum of Photographic Arts, the San Diego Arts Institute, and more! It's definitely worth knowing about and going to.

  • SeaWorld: Anaheim has Disneyland, San Francisco has Six Flags, and San Diego has SeaWorld, equipped with roller-coasters and sea creatures.

  • Sunset Cliffs Natural Park: One of the best free things to do in San Diego, visiting this peaceful park will let you take in amazing ocean views and visually striking rock formations.

  • The Gaslamp Quarter: The trendy part of America's finest city is full of Victorian-style buildings and hip art galleries, theaters, restaurants, and bars.

  • USS Midway Museum: Climb aboard an actual aircraft carrier docked in the harbor.

  • Comic-Con: As this geeky event draws in a crowd as big as roughly a tenth of the city's normal population, you'll likely want to figure out which weekend it's on as a local, whether you want to attend or just avoid the area. (Don't worry; we're going to cover more on SDCC below!)

  • Sports: The biggest pro sports team in San Diego is the hometown favorite San Diego Padres, though fans of college sports also enjoy rooting for the San Diego State Aztecs.

  • Concerts: There's always something happening on stage at popular local venues like the Music Box and the Observatory.

  • Whale-Watching: Year-round whale-watching is another draw for tourists, with gray whales migrating in the winter and blue whales in the summer.

At certain times of the year, Balboa Park and the Gaslamp Quarter can be swamped, but at others, they can be a lot calmer and a lot of fun. But besides the more obvious tourist spots, there are plenty of other cool places to see in San Diego.

Nine Obscure, Secret, and Fun Things to Do in San Diego That Only Locals Know About

This city is an adventure in its own right, and you'll certainly want to explore it your own way after moving into your condominium, but these cool, obscure places to visit in San Diego will get you started. Many of these lesser-known San Diego activities also happen to be free! Act like a local quickly with these tips:

1. Tap a Tune on a Musical Bridge

There's a piece of public art that's also functional as a musical instrument hiding on 25th Street. Merely walk across it with a stick at a steady pace and you can tap out a rhythmic tune.

Source: San Diego Reader

As strange as it may seem, the area is somewhat known for its bridges; San Diego is highly walkable and pedestrian-friendly, so chances are good that you'll run across one of the several amazing bridges in the area, like the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge or the First Avenue Bridge.

2. Go to Museums for Free

On Tuesdays, residents can get free admission to the museums of Balboa Park. San Diego residents can enjoy different museums depending on which Tuesday of the month it is. If you happen to be there on a different day, you can still hike the little-known trails throughout the park for free.

3. Visit the Official Comic-Con Museum

Comic-Con is kind of a big deal in San Diego. As the hometown of the most important convention in nerd culture, San Diego celebrates its weirdness, and in the next few years, it will do so in the form of the Comic-Con Museum in Balboa Park. Even if you don't consider yourself a geek or are too nervous to attend the big convention, you can still soak in a little bit of the experience at this year-round attraction when it officially opens in 2021. The museum will explore Comic-Con&'s history and culture, but for now, here's a little bit of a history of San Diego Comic-Con.

Recently celebrating its 50th anniversary, San Diego Comic-Con's history is rich with nerd culture, growing so much that it's bled out into pop culture, the film industry, and, indeed, the city of San Diego itself. We've created a short retrospective to explore the history of Comic-Con, with a useful timeline going all the way to the very beginning.

Click to view the full timeline

50 Years of San Diego Comic Con

Click to view the full timeline

When Did Comic-Con Begin?

The first San Diego comic-con was the "Golden State Comic-Minicon" which began on March 21, 1970. About 100 people attended.

Where Was the First Comic Con?

The first comic-con was at the U.S. Grant Hotel in 1970. It moved to Muir College in 1971, and then it bounced around to several hotels, including most famously the El Cortez Hotel, until the current San Diego Convention Center was built and opened in 1995.

What's Happened Since?

Today, more than 130,000 fans consistently show up to SDCC (officially named Comic-Con International: San Diego) every year, bringing in about $149 million to the city.

Wha's Comic-Con's future?

Comic-Con isn't going anywhere. While Los Angeles and Las Vegas have both made bids to bring the con to them, it's going to stay local, at least until 2024. Plans are in the works for San Diego Comic-Con 2020!

4. Wade Through the Tide Pools of Cabrillo

SeaWorld is cool, but you can also get an up-close-and-personal meeting with ocean wildlife at the Carbrillo National Monument, where mussels, starfish, and other creatures like to sunbathe. Before you go, check out the projected tide charts to help you time your visit.

Tidepools, Carbrillo National Monument, San Diego
Source: National Park Service

5. Surf La Jolla

Yes, surfing is a big deal in San Diego. The city is full of famous and incredible beaches, like Black's Beach, Coronado Beach, and Oceanside. La Jolla Shores is often the favorite of surfers.

Check the University of California San Diego official webcam to see what the tide is like right now.

Surfing not your speed? Perhaps you can up your sandcastle game with lessons!

6. Try Fresh Sea Urchin at the Farmers' Market

Known for offering amazingly fresh produce and seafood and live music, the Ocean Beach Farmers Market is a foodie scene like no other.

Live Sea Urchins in San Diego

Source: Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association

7. Get Spooked at the Whaley House

Once designated the most haunted home in the United States by the Travel Channel, the Whaley House has an unassuming exterior and a surprising interior. Offering the community's first commercial theater, a billiard hall, a general store, and a polling place, it's also been the site of some violent tragedies.

8. Get Serenaded by an Organ

Spreckels Organ Pavilion has the world's largest pipe organ in a fully outdoor facility. All concerts are free and open to the public, and they're held every Sunday at 2 p.m. Check the program for your favorite works.

Spreckels Organ Pavilion San Diego

Photo by Clyde Dugosh (

9. Spot the Space Invaders Taking Over San Diego

As you're walking downtown, see if you can spot a few of the iconic Atari characters climbing up buildings. These pixel-art tiles are part of an art installation hiding all over the city.


Click to view the full image

The Lore of San Diego

As the eighth most populous city in the entire United States, San Diego certainly has its fair share of interesting facts, characters, and lore. One thing that San Diego is known for is that many consider it to be the true craft beer capital of the world: The city is home to more than 150 breweries, a thriving beer culture among San Diegans, and more beach bars than one could count.

San Diego is also more massive than one might think. The city itself actually spans more than 4,500 miles and is so big that it had to be split into six sections: East County, South Bay, Central San Diego, North Inland, North Central, and North Coastal. It's very common for those who are true San Diegans to refer to their northern big-sister city of Los Angeles as "Smell A."

Here are some more interesting facts that you may not have known about San Diego:

  • Several famous people call San Diego home, including Tony Hawk, Rihanna, Whoopi Goldberg, Adam Lambert, the Bella Twins, Richard Dreyfuss, and Raquel Welch.
  • When the city's famous Coronado Bridge first opened in 1969, Ronald Reagan was the first to drive across it.
  • San Diegans also love the holidays, but once January ends, take those lights down. You can actually be issued fines if you leave your Christmas lights up past Feb. 2.
  • The Navy is the top employer in all of San Diego.
  • Not only is San Diego known for craft beer, but it’s also known for its farms! The city is home to more than 7,000 farms, which is the most in the United States.
  • It's rare that you'll hear someone complain about the weather while they're living in San Diego. Year round, the average temperature is 70 degrees.
  • No city in America produces more avocados than San Diego.

A Quick Rundown of San Diego Neighborhoods


  • Gaslamp Quarter: This historic neighborhood is the beating heart of downtown San Diego.  There are some high-rises here, although this area is made up mostly of hotels.

  • East Village: A fast-growing industry neighborhood, this is a great place for those looking at downtown San Diego condos.

  • Columbia: Near a waterfront park and a few of the city's favorite museums, Columbia is north of the Marina while still being very close to the Civic Core.

  • Little Italy: If you want to live in a true walkable neighborhood where neighbors know each other, then consider Little Italy.  You'd never know here that you're actually in the downtown district of one of America's largest cities.

  • Marina: Hoping for a waterfront condo? You can find some of the best places to live in San Diego here!

  • Civic Core: An economic epicenter filled with hard-working professionals, this is the ideal spot for business people looking to buy a condo close to work.

  • Cortez Hill: A hillside full of Victorian homes alongside modern San Diego condos, this place is full of old-school sites like the famous El Cortez Hotel.

In and Around

  • Del Mar Mesa: This area is arguably among the best neighborhoods in San Diego for families. A calm, semi-rural community in northern San Diego, it has plenty of protected natural spaces ideal for hiking and biking.

  • Hillcrest: An LGBTQ+-friendly hot spot full of pedestrian-friendly streets and cute shops and restaurants, it can be a very cool place to hang out.

  • La Jolla: This idyllic beachside neighborhood has a small village and a very calm feel.

In our short guide to moving to San Diego, we've shown you some of the reasons why living here is great, some of the best things to do in downtown San Diego for locals, and some of the most relaxed and chic San Diego neighborhoods. Now, you're probably ready to start looking in earnest for local luxury condos. San Diego is, as it turns out, a fine city after all!

If you think you're ready to start looking for your new home, text or call Denny Oh at 619-550-0502 for an expert local guide to San Diego. We want to help new locals not only buy or lease beautiful luxury high-rise condos but make San Diego a great place to call home!


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