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Welcome to New Orleans!  Our goal is to help you zero in on the neighborhood and building that are right for you, and then show you what's available in real time.  Check out the New Orleans condo buildings below and read more about condo living in the Big Easy.

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Condo Living in New Orleans

New Orleans Condo BuildingLiving in New Orleans offers different living styles for everyone. The French Quarter is the most widely-known neighborhood, and in it you'll find townhomes, historical houses and condos. But living there comes with it's own set of issues. It's the oldest and most-visited part of New Orleans, and the revelers and tourists both add to and detract from the quality of life in the neighborhood. Another popular neighborhood is the Garden District, which is full of older historical homes. If you're looking for high-rise condo living you'll most likely find it in the central business district which is in and around the downtown area.

History of New Orleans

Founded in 1718 as Nouvelle-Orleans by the French Mississippi Company, the inhabitants of the land named it after a French duke. The Spanish gained control of the land, but in 1801 the French regained control. The United States bought the land in 1803 from Napoleon as a part of the Louisiana Purchase. Plantations surrounding the city provided an abundance of sugar and cotton, and many of these historical sites are still available for visitation today.

About New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is a major United States port city and historically the largest city in Louisiana. Its status as a world-famous tourist destination is due in part to its architecture, music, cuisine, its annual Mardi Gras, and other celebrations and festivals. Once the largest city in Louisiana, it's population declined and it became the second most populous city in the state, after Baton Rouge, as residents fled the onset of Hurricane Katrina. Recent estimates, however, show the city's population steadily returning to its pre-Hurricane Katrina level. It still remains the largest metropolitan area in the state.

The city attracts thousands of tourists each year, especially to the French Quarter and Bourbon Street in February for Mardi Gras. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival is another big draw. Nightlife, restaurants and music draw a young crowd throughout the week. Architectural and historical sites both draw families, couples and even solo travelers to St. Charles Avenue or Magazine Street. The above-ground tombs in local cemeteries, Audubon Zoo, and botanical garden are also popular attractions. The Superdome is home to the Saints, which is currently the only professional sports team in New Orleans and as such their games draw huge crowds. There are several well-known schools surrounding New Orleans, including Tulane University, which was established in 1834, and Loyola University, which was founded in 1912. University of New Orleans is a public research college as well. One of the many reasons parents choose New Orleans is that the city’s public school systems allows parents to choose the schools their children attend.

New Orleans' tallest building is the 51-story One Shell Square. New Orleans is now entering what could become a large downtown residential building boom, with multiple high-rise towers already planned for the city.

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