The Flats-Oxbo District Condos

The Flats is a mixed-use industrial, entertainment, and increasingly residential area of Cleveland. The area was given its name due to its mostly flat appearance and is defined as being the lower lying areas that line the banks of the Cuyahoga River.

What began as an industrial water-way was transformed in the 1970s and 1980s.  The Flats enjoyed a new vitality as nightclubs and restaurants sprouted along Old River Road. The nonprofit Flats Oxbow Association was organized in 1978 to promote the economic well-being of the area, and today the Flats are an amalgamation of residence, commerce, industry, and nightlife.

Flats-Oxbo District Condos For Sale

The West Bank

The West Bank of The Flats is home to K&D’s Stonebridge Community.  Centered around the Old Superior Viaduct, Stonebridge Towers and Stonebridge Plaza have had great success and sold at a tremendous rate.  K&D has no plans of stopping there, and will soon have townhouses, condos, and retail/commercial sites springing up all over the bank.  Just down the hill and on the water, you will find the Plain Dealer Pavilion which features world-class musical talent and is an open venue that echoes throughout the area.  A few blocks over is the Powerhouse, an abandoned industrial building turned night-life hotspot.  The Powerhouse features multiple dance and comedy clubs, breweries, pubs, and party venues.

The East Bank

The future…  Currently under construction, developer Scott Wolstien has purchased land and made plans to create a community of size, scale and imagination that should be something truly special.  Once completed, the East Bank transformation should include 250,000 square feet of retail, with a movie theater, shops, galleries and restaurants; 500,000 to 1 million square feet of office space; and more than 600 residential units, did I mention a new marina?  This is a story that this particular Cleveland Realtor watches very closely with anticipation and excitement.  There is even talk of the two banks linking up and working together to create a truly special experience. 

Flats-Oxbo Condo Buildings

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