Condos in Cincinnati

As the core of one of the largest and most rapidly expanding metropolitan areas in the Midwest, Cincinnati, OH, has a lot going for it. One major advantage is the strategic location, which has long been a driver of the city's economy and culture. It's at the geographic center of the east-of-the-Mississippi block, offering easy access to the East Coast, Chicago and many of the South's economic centers.

The downtown core of Cincinnati, the Central Business District, sits in a bend of the Ohio River. The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge leads across the river from Kentucky, heading right into the iconic Fountain Square area. Along the way, two major sports venues are separated by a campus of Riverside parks, restaurants, event spaces and museums known collectively as The Banks. From there, visitors can take a charming streetcar out as far as the Brewery District, stopping at nearly all of the city's major attractions as they see fit. Further north, the West End, C.U.F. and Mount Auburn all have their share of notable architecture, neighborhood amenities and cultural attractions.

Due to its position at the confluence of major waterways, Cincinnati is also well connected to nature. A wide variety of wildlife makes its home in and around the aquatic areas that dot the area. It's also a unique transitional setting between the vast grasslands of the Indiana and Ohio prairie and the rolling wooded hills characteristic of Kentucky and West Virginia.

People love Cincinnati for the community, history and cultural amenities. It has a vibrant, rapidly expanding population. Of course, being less than a day's drive from anything in the Southeast, South, Midwest or East Coast regions — Acadia National Park, Times Square, the Great Lakes and the French Quarter — that kind of central location never hurts. Contact our agents today to find your place in the heart of "The Heart of It All".

Listing information last updated on March 25th, 2021 at 4:30am PDT.

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