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Welcome to Anchorage... Your complete condo guide for Anchorage!  As the largest city in Alaska, Anchorage has more than 40% of the state population with 300,950 residents according to estimates from the US Census.  Anchorage has much of what urban city life has to offer and has spectacular views of the mountains.  For Anchorage residents, it’s a quick trip to be fully immersed in the wild Alaskan nature.  Anchorage is truly is an All American City.

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Condo Living in Anchorage

Anchorage offers several different types of condo living, but one thing they all have in common is the lock and leave lifestyle.  For those snowbirds who would rather be on the road instead of shoveling snow, a condo is a great choice in Anchorage.  The prices of condos also range greatly and you can find condos from low $100,000 for starter condos to $500,000 for more luxurious condos.  There are condos available in many different neighborhoods in Anchorage and you can choose to live in a more suburban neighborhood as a young family, or you might want to try downtown as a young professional.  Either way, our condo specialist can help you find the perfect condo.

History of Anchorage

The original inhabitants of Anchorage are the Dena’ina who arrived in Alaska about 1,500 years ago.  The Dena’ina were nomadic and moved seasonally to survive.  The Russians and English both explored Alaska during the late 1780’s however Russia claimed control of the land until 1867 when Russia sold the land to the United States for $7,200,000.  

Anchorage began as a small tent town in 1914 when the Alaska Railroad began construction in 1914.  When the railroad was completed the main station, Ship Creek Landing, began to attract more residents.  Anchorage was officially established in 1920.  In the 1930’s and 40’s the town continued to grow with the addition of an airfield and the importance of military presence during the war.  In 1968, the second largest earthquake recorded in history, a 9.2, hit Anchorage killing 115 people.   Shortly after, oil was discovered along the North Slope of Alaska in Prudhoe Bay, which enabled economic growth and revitalization projects in Anchorage.  

About Anchorage, AK

Anchorage is a wonderful place to live.  It has been voted five times as the All American City by the National Civic League.  Anchorage has plenty of modern chic areas, yet has been able to hold onto the all American small town charm.  Another great thing about living in Anchorage is the low taxes.  Not only does Alaska not collect sales taxes or individual income tax, but rather they actually receive money from a Permanent Fund (revenues from Petroleum sales).

For the outdoors explorer, living in Anchorage is never ending with adventures.  Right outside your door is access to some of the best trails to hike.  Join other residents to hike Flattop with breathtaking views on this hike that takes less than two hours.  If you’re a mountain biker try the local favorites Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and enjoy the fresh mountain air.  

For those who like to learn about local heritage, the Anchorage Museum showcases Alaskan Art and History and Alaska Native Heritage Center provides a glimpse into native language, culture, art, dance, traditions and lifestyle.   There are also a few performing arts venues as well as several art galleries.  There are dining options from exquisite to Mom and Pop local grills.  There are also places to out from urban upscale to the place where the bartender knows your name and the drink you order.  Whatever your flavor of fun is, living in Anchorage is truly a unique experience to embrace.  

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