Boston Lofts For Sale

From authentic artists lofts to new high-rise modern loft condos, Boston has a variety of buildings available to suit every need.  Lofts started out as open spaces in large Boston warehouses or commercial buildings that were partitioned out for individual use.  Those open spaces caught on as people liked the ability to personalize their unique space and not be bound to a traditional floorplan.  Now we're seeing buildings go up that capture those loft elements like high ceilings, open spaces and brick walls and combine them with conveniences like insulated windows, proper wiring and modern kitchens.  Start your search for the perfect Boston Loft using one of our search tools below, and when you're ready to take a tour contact us at 617-603-0090.

Boston Loft Buildings

285 columbus lofts
285 Columbus Lofts
360 newbury
360 Newbury Lofts
Laconia lofts
Laconia Lofts
ArtBlock lofts
ArtBlock Lofts


Penmark lofts
Penmark Lofts
Basilica lofts of boston
Basilica Lofts
Court square press lofts of boston
Court Square Press
Parris landing lofts of boston
Parris Landing


27 lofts of boston
27 Lofts 
Porter 156 lofts
Porter 156 Lofts
Strada 234 lofts
Strada 234 Lofts
Channel center lofts
Channel Center


210 south street lofts
210 South Street
437 d lofts
437 D Lofts
Fort point place
Fort Point Place
FP3 lofts of boston
FP3 Lofts


Types of Boston Lofts

  • "Hard" Loft:  These are what most people typically think of when they picture a loft: a big open space and lots of brick. They are mostly located in old buildings that once served a purpose other than living quarters (old brick warehouses are very popular). This is where you'll find lots of concrete floors, exposed original brick, ductwork, electrical conduit, plumbing, etc.
  • "Soft" Loft:  If you like the idea of a loft but want energy-efficient windows and some soundproofing, then a soft loft might be right for you. These lofts typically combine some of the harder elements such as concrete floors and exposed brick with a few softer elements like partitioned walls and wood floors. Soft lofts are mostly located in new buildings that are designed from the ground up to incorporate these loft elements.
  • New True Loft:  In cities like Boston, the demand for a Hard Loft has outpaced the supply of old buildings. In this case, developers have put built new buildings that adhere to the basic principals of the hard loft, such as open spaces, large windows and exposed elements.