Chamblee Living

Chamblee is located in Dekalb County and is just a few miles north of Downtown Atlanta. As Chamblee continues to grow, its leaders are concentrating on development that makes for a pedestrian friendly lifestyle. Its business district is expanding and is well known for its antique shops. The housing is also changing as more and more loft and townhome developments are built, thus attracting new homebuyers to this rapidly changing city.  

Chamblee Condo and Loft Buildings

About Chamblee

Dating back to the early 1900s, Chamblee's history is built on three industries: dairy, railroad and the military. All of these brought people to the city, provided jobs and supported the local economy. After World War II, Chamblee became a bit more industrial as large corporations such as General Motors opened up plants nearby. The city remained this way until the 1980s when the economy shifted and fewer jobs were available at the plants and more popped up in metro Atlanta. As a result, the demographic of Chamblee changed and it became a more international city. As part of DeKalb's International Corridor stretching along Buford Highway, the International Village is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country. With more than 30 different nationalities represented within this 394 acre community, the International Village provides visitors with a unique opportunity to discover new cultures through a variety of businesses ranging from restaurants to book and music stores.