The City of Boston: Red Sox Timeline

Fenway Park One of the great things about living in a Boston condo or loft is that you have easier access to some of Boston's best-loved neighborhoods, restaurants, theaters and parks. For many the one place at the top of that list is Fenway Park.

For Boston residents, the Red Sox represent the game of baseball in all of its glory. With its roster of legendary players and history-making plays, Boston is firmly on the map as one of the most engaged and well-known sports cities in the country. Fans believe in the Red Sox, and it shows in ticket sales and the support they give at each game. By taking a look back at its history, one can best appreciate all that the franchise has accomplished and its contributions to the world of sports.

1901: The Boston Americans are formed.

1903: The Americans win the first World Series against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

1904: The first perfect game in American League history is thrown by future Hall of Fame pitcher Cy Young on May 5.

1907: Fans in the city of Boston and the media begin referring to the Americans as the Boston Red Sox in reference to the color of their stockings.

1912: The team relocates to a new home at Fenway Park.

1912: The Red Sox win the World Series against the New York Giants, who had previously refused to play against them.

1914: The Red Sox purchase Babe Ruth's contract from the Orioles.

1915: In a 4-1 game, the Red Sox beat the Philadelphia Phillies to win the World Series.

1919: Babe Ruth hits 29 home runs to set a new major-league record.

1920: Babe Ruth's contract is sold by Red Sox owner Harry Frazee to the New York Yankees in January. Many believe that this started the "Curse of the Bambino," a period during which the team failed to win a World Series for more than 80 years.

1932: The Red Sox have their worst season record, 43-111.

1933: The franchise is purchased by Thomas Yawkey after he inherits $20 million from his father.

1935: Joe Cronin becomes manager, and the Red Sox have their first winning season in 13 years.

1939: Ted Williams, arguably the best hitter in the franchise's history, joins the Red Sox on April 15. Over the course of his career, he would hit more than 500 home runs.

1947: The Green Monster, the famously high left-field wall at Fenway Park, is first painted green.

1949: Left-handed pitcher Mel Parnell joins the team. He tallies the most wins of any lefty in the history of the franchise.

1953: In a game played against the Detroit Tigers on June 18, the Red Sox score 17 runs in the 7th inning. This set a record for the most runs in one inning.

1959: On July 21, Elijah "Pumpsie" Green debuts as the first African-American on the team. The Red Sox were the last MLB team to sign African-American players.

1960: Williams ends his career with a home run in a game against the Boston Orioles.

1961: Carl Yastrzemski debuts as the replacement for Ted Williams on April 11.

1975: Fred Lynn, a rookie from California, makes history by becoming both the rookie of the year and MVP.

1979: Yastrzemski notches his 3,000th hit at Fenway Park on Sept.12 at the age of 40.

1983: At the age of 44, Yastrzemski retires on what is dubbed Yaz Day at Fenway Park.

1984: Roger Clemens debuts with the Red Sox on May 15.

1986: In April, during a nine-inning game against the Seattle Mariners, Roger Clemens breaks the major league strikeout record by striking out 20 batters.

1991: Clemens earns 241 strikeouts and receives his third Cy Young Award.

1996: During his last season in Boston, Clemens again gets 20 strikeouts in a game, tying his own record set ten years earlier.

2002: John W. Henry and partners Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino purchase the Red Sox for $700 million.

2004: On Oct 27, the team wins its first World Series since 1918, officially breaking their "curse." They become the first team in the history of MLB to recover from a 3-0 deficit. Manny Ramirez is named the MVP of the series.

2007: Boston wins the World Series against the Colorado Rockies, with Mike Lowell as the MVP.

2013: For the first time since 1918, the Red Sox win the World Series at Fenway Park.

2018: Boston beats the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series.

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Written by Brian Enright

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