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Sean specializes in high-rise condos and homes in Naples, Florida. For a free no obligation tour of Naples high-rises and homes, reach out to Sean at 239-208-0858 or by using our contact form and he will put together a tour for you so you may compare for yourself. In the meantime, here is a list of advantages of high-rise condos vs single family homes. 

High-Rise Advantages

  1. The views. It's really hard to beat the views of Naples highrises. In fact, many of the units are lucky enough to have Gulf and Bay views. The nice thing about this is at night the Bay is lit up with stunning ambience from boats, docks and gorgeous homes that tastefully light up their properties. 
  2. Living on the Gulf. This is a lifelong dream for so many people and sadly few are able to accomplish this. Whether it's walking the beach on a moment's notice or sitting in your lanai and watching the sunset, nothing beats oceanfront living. Gulf Front single family homes in Naples typically go for 10 million plus. Compare this to a Gulf front high-rise condo where entry level is about a million dollars. Bayfront condos can be purchased for $500,000+
  3. High and Dry. Here in Florida elevation matters. Enjoy the security of being high in the sky and well above ground level. 
  4. More social. Highrises condos units offer gorgeous community pools, fitness centers, happy hours and pot luck dinners and social folks tend to love this. Lots of lifelong friends are made in high-rise buildings across the country.
  5.  Lock and leave. Maintenance free living is important to many homeowners and if you like to travel consider a high-rise condo. 

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Single Family Home Advantages

  1. More storage. For the most part, single family homes have bigger and better storage options than highrises. Many high-rise units come with storage closets and garages but not to the extent of a single family home.
  2. More privacy. For those who are less social a single family home offers the opportunity to talk to fewer people. There are no common elevators, mailrooms or lobby's to run into your neighbors. Most single family homes offer private swimming pools and spas as well.
  3. Lawn care is taken care of in many single family homes in Naples by the HOA. This does make single family homes somewhat maintenance free but worthy of consideration is there is still roof maintenance, exterior pest control and misc exterior maintenance to consider. Many single family home owners hire this sort of thing done which does help dramatically but they still must manage the help versus a high-rise condo where the HOA manages the help and therefore the owner doesn't have to worry about a thing. 

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