MLS Account Help

What Are Bookmarked Listings?

Bookmarked listings are listings that you want to save and view later.

How to Bookmark a Listing.

To Bookmark a Listing click the star icon near each listing result or the Bookmark Listing button found on each listing's details page.

What are saved searches?

If you find yourself searching for the same types of properties all the time, you needn't fill out the search form each time--create a saved search for one click access to search results.

How do I create a saved search?

First, do a search with the parameters you'd like saved. When the listings are shown, just click the "Save this Search!" link found at the top the page and the system will automatically save that search to your profile.

What are Automatic Listing Updates

If you set up automatic listing updates, the MLS system will email you new listings that match your saved search criteria whenever they hit the market. This is the best way to keep you informed on the latest properties available.

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