The Greenest U.S. Cities

America's 50 Most Populous Cities, Ranked by Six Sustainability Metrics

We took a deep dive into the data to discover the greenest cities in America, collecting six key data points on the top 50 populated MSAs to discover which cities are taking strides to become more sustainable. The figures are in: San Diego has ranked #1 on the list as the greenest city in America! With a low carbon footprint, a solid, executed commitment to solar energy, and a low number of lone commuting drivers, “America’s Finest City” has topped the list of the most environmentally friendly cities in the USA!

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The Greenest US Cities - San Diego is #1

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These are the data points we used to discover which are the greenest cities in the U.S.:

We ranked renewable energy (1 point) lower due to it being state-level data and population density (2 points) lower due to its varied effect on resource consumption. Hopefully, the most sustainable cities in the U.S. will continue to improve their rankings in all factors as time goes on, but for now, great work, San Diego!

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