Worth Magazine Ranks Top 10 Residential High-Rise Buildings in the World

Posted by Highrises.com Concierge on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 at 9:26am.

Worth Magazine has looked at all the luxury high-rise condo buildings throughout the world and compiled what they think are the ten best.  They're pretty vague about the criteria they used, only saying that these are "Then of the world's coolest places to live".   We would add a few to the list if we could, like Sierra Towers in LA or Museum Tower in Dallas.

1.  One57 in NYC.  90 floors but only 92 units!HSB Turning Torso

2.  One Hyde Park in London.

3.  Opus in Hong Kong.  A Frank Gehry production.  12 units, 12 floors. 

4.  Absolute Towers in Toronto.  The first tower sold out faster than most concerts... they were gone in 24 hours.

5.  HSB Turning Torso in Copenhagen.  Pictured to the right.  Powered entirely by locally produced renewable energy.

6.  Vitra in Sao Paulo.   Only 14 units across 18 floors.  How do you say "Exclusive" in Portuguese?

7.  Linked Hybrid in Beijing. 

8.  Aqua in Chicago.  Best balconies ever.

9.  Millennium Tower in San Francisco.  The views of SF would make this a top 3 building for us.

10.  Apogee in Miami.  This is one of those buildings (like Sierra Towers in LA) where you may find the paparazzi out front, and you never know who you'll be sharing an elevator with...



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