Winning Bid of the Ameritrust Building by The K&D Group is a great Thing.

Posted by The Lohser Group Cleveland on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 at 11:43am.


Thank goodness the Ameritrust Complex was purchased by a company that has a reputation for not just talking but doing. 

You might know The K&D Group from their many projects including Reserve Square Apartments and Embassy Suites but I am most impressed by the company’s west bank development.  Stonebridge Apartments, Towers, Plaza, and Square make up the first few phases of what will eventually be a self sustaining community and anchor for this city.  


Unlike some developers, K&D seems to be vested in the City of Cleveland and its future.  Typically, when the company unveils a new project, it is not long before you see the cranes start to swing.


According to Doug Price, CEO of K&D, the company’s purchase of the vacant Ameritrust property at auction yesterday, is part of a $200 million vision which includes hotel rooms, condos, and a new office tower.  The beauty of the plan, however, is that it works in tandem with other development projects in the city.

Positioned on Euclid Avenue, K&D’s project would be in a perfect place to help integrate the new Euclid Corridor.  Also, a deal might be close to being finalized for the construction of Cleveland’s Convention Center and Medical Mart which are expected to be built close by.  Suddenly, adding a state of the art $million live/work space seems to be the missing piece to the puzzle.    


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