Will Skyscrapers Rotate in the Future?

Posted by Highrises.com Concierge on Monday, August 5th, 2013 at 2:08pm.


If you are wondering what could be in store for the future luxury skyscrapers, think revolution evolution.  In the rapidly evolving technology globally, a new architectural team Dynamic Future has designed a 70 story rotating giant to be the centerpiece of Moscow.  They also have their eyes on London, Paris and New York.  Their four dimensional buildings are designed to be sustainable and self powered building using power from the wind and sun.  Dynamic, like SkyCity proposes a future urban design where a few skyscrapers are out in nature, where all the residents have plenty of outdoor space for recreation.  


Dynamic also proposes an interesting concept of “The Smart Grid” where there is a decentralization of power sources.  Dynamic believes that this revolution will come quickly as current models become overloaded with demands of a growing future.  The large skyscrapers are designed to  rotate 360 degrees in 90 minutes giving residents true 360 degree views from their residence.  Dynamic calls this “the fourth dimension”, where time integrated into architectural design to create a new element to future buildings.  Although Dynamic released their design almost five years ago, the economic recovery might spark creative innovators and investors to gamble on such a unique and innovative design.  


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