Where are the New San Jose Condo Builders?

Posted by Danielle & David Contreras on Monday, March 5th, 2012 at 4:11pm.

Is the timing right for new condo construction? I would have to say yes!!!

Santa Clara this month has hit a low point for real estate. That is they have hit 70% of what the Condo market was at this time last year. From 1,329 in Feb. of 2011 to on 388 in Feb. 2012

With the low inventory are the builders actually starting to come around. Take a great example of a complex that had been put on perma hold during rougher times. The location of an old Sony plant at the corner of Tasman and Zanker. Some call this the golden triangle because of all the tech jobs and tech companies that are in the area.

There has been some movement on this site that has stood stagnant for so long. As I type there is earth moving equipment and construction trucks outside.

No one knows though if this is going to actually be Latitude 88 or if it will be another office building though. It seems the website once owned by the still anonymous new San Jose home builder has been taken and changed to some non-condo website.  

So what is really happening at 3801 Zanker Rd and 179 E Tasman Dr and 199 E Tasman Dr.?

Do any readers know?


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