What Downtown Denver condo buildings have pet restrictions?

Posted by Nicole Rufener on Friday, June 11th, 2010 at 11:52am.

What Downtown Denver condo buildings have pet restrictions?  I get this question a lot when people are looking to buy in a condo building, especially Downtown.  It is truly amazing how us Denverites revolve so much of our everyday life around or dogs, but who can blame us?  I have had buyers willing to spend thousands more on a condo that is pet friendly or close to a park, so wanting to know up front which buildings have restrictions makes complete sense.

While most buildings in Denver allow dogs, there are quite a few that have restrictions or don't allow dogs or pets at all.  Below is a small list of buildings that have some type of restrictions.  These restrictions could be anything from a limit on the size of the dog, how many you can have, or not allow pets at all.  Remember that if you are out shopping for a condo or loft, make sure to check the HOA guidelines for yourself to ensure the restrictions, or lack there of, are the same as you have been told.  And if you are selling, it is a good idea to find out up front what the pet policies are for your building because odds are pretty good you will be asked.  There would be nothing worse than finally getting your dream, swank, Downtown loft and realizing you can't bring Fido with you.

Pet Restrictions:

Legacy at City Park South
Silver Square Condos
Pinnacle at City Park South
Grant Park Condos
Country Club Flats
Royal Oaks Condos
Dorchester Condos
Lido Condos
Towers at Cheesman Park
Cherry Creek Tower Condos
888 Condos
Embassy House Condos
Polo Club Condos
Governor's Place Condos
25 Downing Condos
Harrison Park
Penn Square Condos
Denver Tower
Brooks Tower
Barclay Tower
The Windsor
Larimer Place

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