This Week in Mortage Sports! 5/23/08

Posted by Emily Ray-Porter Group on Sunday, May 25th, 2008 at 1:13pm.

This Week in Mortgage Sports

$4 Gas And How Does That Effect Us?

I do a lot of driving, and I love the freedom of having my own car, but I must say I do no where near as much driving as some of my Real Estate friends.  Previewing homes, showing homes, and all the other mobile tasks of an agent are proving to be more expensive at $4/ gallon.  Many agents are relying more and more on the Internet for their previewing and narrowing of prospective homes.  Finding cost saving tools can be difficult in a tangible industry where clients do actually need to visit a home before making a decision.  Challenging times indeed.

Let's look at this from the angle of the buyer.  Fuel costs have doubled in the past few years and are putting a terrible strain on many of our suburban friends.  Not only in their daily commute, but also in their home energy cost.  The tall ceilings, large square footage, and inefficient features are proving now to be a burden.  As an example in our own market, please look at the number of homes for sale in Frisco alone.  

Re-Urbanization is making more sense every day.  People are rediscovering the need to shorten commutes, and make home floor plans more efficient.

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More DFW Good News!

 Good news...   Well Steve Brown, thanks for the good news.  Might I suggest next time going for the front page above the fold!  

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Green Watch 

50 Ways to Help the Planet

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Energy Start Shopping Discount - This Weekend

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 Green Living

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The LOHAS Lifestyle possibilities are endless………………….

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The current Mortgage Industry is under siege. Many of our friends in the Broker world are struggling to stay afloat. I am more than happy to salvage any deals from other lenders that are unable to perform. I would love the opportunity to Knock Your Socks Off with our service and win a business partnership with you.

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