Them in Their Places: Hollywood Personae in Modern Homes by Frederico Babina

Posted on Sunday, November 16th, 2014 at 2:56pm.

A home is an extension of the people who live in it, and one of my greatest talents as a REALTOR® (I'm told) is my knack for matching clients' personalities to the "personalities" of the homes available for sale. In fact, getting to know my clients by getting to know their taste is one of my favorite parts of the job, and the mutual enjoyment we share when we find just the right place often leads to continued friendships after the job is done. So I found this new collection by illustrator Frederico Babina matching classic film stars' personae with classic modern designs to be just a delight.

Known for juxtaposing iconic buildings with unexpected scenarios, Babina set out in this series to bring iconic stars and iconic homes down to earth by illustrating the one dwelling in the other. “We are used to perceiving and reading architecture as a set of almost metaphysical spaces. In a similar way we see the actors as characters and not as people,” he says. “I wanted to try to reverse these patterns: to transform the interior into ‘houses’ and the actors into ‘people’.”

My favorites are Audrey in Eames and Marilyn in Mies.

Overall, I think Babino matched the "spirit" of the stars with the "spirit" of the architecture very well. What do you think? Who are your favorites? Drop me a line and discuss. I love to hear from you all!


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