The Real Deal on New Development Sales Offices

Posted by Danielle & David Contreras on Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 at 3:55pm.

All the sales people (staff & management) in the new San Jose condo communities work for the “Same Broker” who specializes strictly in the marketing and that sales new San Jose condos. They collect all the numbers and statistics from all the communities on a weekly basis all for the purpose of marketing. Many of my clients that register find that they will receive many blasts daily and follow up calls all the time from the staff of the downtown San Jose condo communities.

Be aware of the Low Promotion Price … “HOME OF THE WEEK!” for example the price appears to be significantly lower than another identical condo model. The difference is the location of the condo is far less desirable or the upgrades and features might be substantially cut. 

Typically, a referring agent would accompany the buyers on their first visit. They would complete a Broker Co-op form and wait for the close to collect a check. This is not at all how we operate our business. We will help you to negotiate the best possible price and terms for the San Jose condo that you want.

A builder will entertain any offer. Never think that your offer might be too low as builders are eager to liquidate standing inventory. This helps to make pricing and terms more in favor of the buyer and not the developer.

When looking at new Downtown San Jose Condos think about using the best team for the job.

The San Jose Team

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