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Summer is in full swing in St. Louis and the metropolitan area is brimming with summer fun for people of all walks of life.

Here are the events going on in St. Louis this June:

Shakespeare in the Park

May 29 - June 23, Tuesdays - Sundays, 8 PM

One of the most anticipated events of the summer, Shakespeare in the Park runs through the month until June 23 in Shakespeare Glen, Forest Park. This year’s featured Shakespeare play is Love’s Labors Lost, which tells the story of a Princess of France and her ladies who come to Navarre for a diplomatic mission only to encounter a young king and his lords who have taken a vow not to see women. In true Shakespeare fashion, affairs of state give way to affairs of the heart as love and intimacy make their way into

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It’s spring going on summer in St. Louis which means there are plenty of family-friendly, fun outdoor activities around the city to participate in– especially over Memorial Day Weekend.

Here is what’s going on in STL this month:

Come From Away

May 14 - 26

This musical at the Fabulous Fox is running until the Sunday before Memorial Day. An award-winning show, Come From Away tells the story of 7,000 stranded passengers in the small town of Newfoundland– all about cultures clashing and how two groups of people ultimately came together.

Pompeii: The Exhibition

May 17 - November 3

This fresh new exhibit at the Saint Louis Science Center relives the story of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii with more than 150 authentic 2,000-year-old artifacts

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Earth Day is officially April 22nd. We’ve been celebrating Earth Day in the US since April 1970 when 20 million Americans demonstrated to force the protection of our environment onto the national agenda. In December 1970, Congress created a new federal agency to handle environmental issues– the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Prior to the creation of the EPA, there were no regulations keeping factories from releasing toxic smoke into the air or dumping toxic waste into local water sources. It was completely legal to poison our environment. If not for the EPA, we would not have the Clean Air Act nor the Clean Water Act. Earth Day is a time to celebrate and renew our dedication as Americans to protect the environment we live in.

The following are

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About the Challenge

The Great Cycle Challenge is a cycling fundraiser for the Children’s Cancer Research Center held throughout June. The event started just four years ago in 2015 and has since grown to become one of the biggest cycling events in the US, having raised a total of $16,070,740 to support the research and development of better treatments and a cure for childhood cancer.

People of all ages and abilities across the country participate in the challenge, setting cycling goals to reach by the end of June for the cause of fighting kids’ cancer.

With over 15,700 American children diagnosed with cancer every year and 38 of those children dying every week, the need for a cure is great. Highrises St. Louis Partner, Gregg Sharpe, is an annual

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What is the NGA?

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is the country’s main source of geospatial intelligence for the Department of Defense and the US Intelligence Community. This world-leading government organization supports US national security, defense, and disaster relief. The NGA enables our nation and ally nations with a decisive advantage in policymaking, war, and emergency response.

Every GPS and location-dependent service used in the US relies upon the NGA to function from flying US aircraft to the GPS system on your phone.

The NGA headquarters is in Springfield, Virginia, with a major location in Arnold, Missouri, and a new location currently being built in the City of St. Louis. That new location is a huge project head up by not

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The Downtown Community Improvement District (CID) is a180-square block area in the center of Downtown St. Louis under the care of a non-profit organization designated by the Internal Revenue Service. This District was established in January of 2000 when local property owners decided they wanted a safer, cleaner, more beautiful Downtown that’s revitalized both commercially and residentially. This CID is one of over 1,500 business or Community Improvement Districts throughout the US and North America working in tandem to create thriving urban communities. These improvement districts are almost entirely funded by sales tax in Missouri. Since establishing the Downtown CID, the total assessed value of all property located within the District has more than

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With the loss of the Rams football team in 2016, St. Louis has been wondering what attractions will be able to help breathe more life into the downtown area. While nothing in St. Louis is quite as big as the sports scene, a new aquarium shows promise in attracting families to St. Louis.

The St. Louis Aquarium is on track to open in October 2019 in Union Station. This modern 21st-century spectacle will be housed within the 19th-century train shed and occupy about three-quarters of the space. The construction of the aquarium alone– which is part of a $160 million family entertainment installation –is expected to attract one million visitors a year.

The Ever-Evolving St. Louis Union Station

St. Louis Union Station has played many roles in St. Louis

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Ready to sell your house? Here is a few staging tips to get your home prepared for the market. When listing a home that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, you want to make sure it's presented in the best light. You wouldn't buy a $50,000 dollar car if it was filled from top to bottom in someone's personal content and trash. This is the same mindset you need to carry into selling your home that will be worth well over a $100,000.


The best thing you can do for your home for sale is to get rid of all of your clutter! Make a rule for your home that for every new piece that comes in, one must go. One of the biggest factors to a cluttered home is too much furniture. Generally, in a professional staging, half the

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The real estate market is constantly changing, so of course DO YOUR RESEARCH! DO NOT jump the gun on this one! Unbiased advice from family and peers may be kind, but you are the only one who knows what your needs are when it comes to buying a home.


Forget finances for a minute and focus on what made you consider even buying a home in the first place!

·      Is your family expanding?

·      Does your family feel safe?

·      Is there a STELLAR school system in the area so your children can get the education they deserve?

·      How about that unbearable landlord?


DON’T SLEEP ON YOUR DECISION TOO LONG! Home prices are on the rise! Not only are they on

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If you have been considering purchasing a home, you may be curious to know if this is the right time in the market to make your move. The market is fast changing, with new laws coming into play, interest rates are constantly rising, and a whole slew of things buyers have to face when it comes time to picking the right house. What does that mean for you? Well, that there isn't a better time to buy than now. Let's break down the benefits of purchasing a home now, instead of waiting. 


If you haven't been keeping up with the real estate market, you might be missing out on the data around interest rates. They are going up, and they are going up fast. 5% may not seem like a lot, but can be the difference between hundreds, or

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