Omni Condo Residences in Fort Worth, Texas - First Views!!

Posted by Stiles Mund Group on Thursday, July 31st, 2008 at 4:08pm.

Another wonderful tour of another wonderful condo building going up in the booming downtown of Fort Worth!

















What a pleasure it was to accompany Anna and Sarah with Omni Hotels all the way to the 24th, 25th and finally 29th floor to experience the views that many of us have been wondering about since we started watching the impressive Omni condo/hotel building race skyward.

Below you will find several images and an explanation of what you are seeing and where in the building I was standing.

Here we're obviously looking straight north towards downtown. This view is from the 24th floor A unit's living room. This unit has a 400 SF balcony to enjoy this view from!

This is again the 24th floor. The view is from the balcony of the B unit looking northeast. Another great view from another large balcony.

The C, F and G units have a great view to the East towards the water gardens. This picture was taken from the C unit's balcony on the 29th floor!

Perhaps the most recognizable feature of the Omni in Fort Worth are the unique pointed balconies on the south end of the building. This pictures shows you how wide-ranging the view is from this south balcony. You have enough space to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Yes, the point views are as cool as they look from the ground.

This picture gives one a good idea of the scale of the units. This is the B unit's west facing wall.

I was very pleased to see that the Omni is living up to all of the hype. The building is beautiful, the view superb and the quality of construction outstanding. There are soo many more details to share. Please contact me if you have interest.

If you are considering purchasing a residence in the Omni or downtown, I hope you will consider allowing me to represent you.



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Peter Bennis wrote: Chris,
It was an awesome viewing. Glad we were able to meet you on the ride up the building. This property will be a real treat for the residents.

Posted on Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 at 3:48pm.

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