New Lovejoy Condos will have NO parking spaces

Posted by Kevin Cleary on Friday, December 6th, 2013 at 3:20pm.

After Boston officials have been discouraging the construction of new parking spaces to help the traffic congestion of the city, a new construction project in Lovejoy Wharf for 175 condos has been approved without any new additional parking.  This project is anticipated to be highly controversial.  Advocates of the project being built without parking argue that it will help with the long term vision of the city having more open spaces and high quality of life.  They cite statistics that one in three Boston residents are 20 to 35.  These residents often prefer to walk, bike or take public transportation which the developers see as one of the best in the nation.   Opponents are afraid that there is not enough momentum yet to go to a zero parking mindset and worry it can make the neighborhood even more difficult to find parking.  Despite the difference in opinions, the Boston Redevelopment Agency were all in favor of this project to be built parking free.


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