neighborhood statistics for last 1/4

Posted by Leslie Bauer on Monday, November 24th, 2008 at 11:59pm.

Selected Districts, Comparing Sales for the 30 days ending 11/17/08 with the 30 days ending 11/17/07

In the Sunset/Parkside district (District 2), the number of house sales and the median sales price was virtually unchanged year to year.

In the Bayview/Excelsior/Crocker Amazon districts (3 & 10), the number of house sales increased 27% while the median sales price declined 19%. Average dollar per square foot declined to $462/sq.ft., a decline of 13% from 2007.

In the Noe Valley/Castro Valley/Haight district (5), house sales declined 59%, while the average dollar per square foot increased to $823/sq.ft., a 9% rise from 2007.

In the Pacific & Presidio Heights/Marina/Cow Hollow district (7), condo sales decreased 50%, and the average dollar per square foot dropped to $775/sq.ft., a 12% decline from 2007.

In the SOMA/South Beach/Potrero Hill district (9), condo sales decreased 50%, and median sales price dropped 10%. Dollar per square foot actually increased slightly to $728/sq.ft.

Median and average figures are necessarily generalities, which may reflect changes in buying trends (to smaller or less expensive homes or homes in different neighborhoods) and not necessarily reflect values for specific properties in specific locations. Only a detailed comparative analysis can determine values and changes in value for a specific home. All information from sources deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.


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