Museum Place Condos Fort Worth Update - First Views of Views!

Posted by Stiles Mund Group on Friday, July 25th, 2008 at 9:25am.

One Museum Place:
Yesterday was the day! I was finally able to visit with the sales director for Museum place and go up in the big One Museum Place building at the intersection of West 7th Street, University Drive and Camp Bowie Blvd.
One word can aptly describe my response after walking up the 6-story parking garage, crossing the bridge to the residential tower and arriving at the first condo facing south...WOW! Who knew you could have such a wonderful view of the Modern's reflection pond, Will Rogers and the other museums all at once. Oh, and the views of downtown are good too.
The 8-story mixed-use One Museum Place building offers soo much to soo many. On the lower floor you will have great office spaces and a few apartments. On floors 6-8 incredible 1 and 2 bedroom condos with sweeping views to the North, South and West, all with very generous balconies. Standing on the 8-th floor looking out over the city it's hard to believe that we weren't on the 28th floor.
The quality of construction looks to be superb. Steel 2x4 walls with double-walled common walls will provide quiet comfortable residences. Each unit's mechanical systems are located in the hallway for ease of maintenance and reduction of noise. The entire building is solid steel and concrete construction with large floor-to-ceiling, commercial-grade windows. Each floor is naturally serviced by an elevator and stairs and also has a trash chute for convenience. Parking will be available for the residents on the 6th floor of the parking structure. Residents will then cross the covered bridge I spoke of and ride an elevator to their floor.
The pool deck is on the NW corner of the 6th floor with views to the west and North. Across the building on the SW corner is the party room with AMAZING views down onto the Modern's reflection ponds and grounds. From the 6th floor you can see clearly over the flatiron-style building that sits between One Museum Place, Camp Bowie and the Modern. From what I can tell what remains to be developed in the area surrounding Museum Place will not detract from the views, and may actually enhance them. I can hardly wait to see Westin’s new boutique hotel, Aloft, built. It promises to be a beautiful addition to the cultural district.
The thought that was put into this great urban mixed-use development can be credited to many parties. Townsite development played a key role in making sure a true “urban village” will emerge.
3300 West 7th ST:
I was also able to hop inside 3300 West 7th Street (a great mixed-use building with a cornerstore below condos) and take a peak at the finished condos there. They are beautiful 2-story loft units and flats. Each unit has a garage and very generous balconies. They are available to view currently and will have a model set up any day. Please let me know if you’d like to tour one of the five available units. This is a very unique and exclusive property much like a townhome in the fact that you have your own garage and some good outdoor space. However you’re in a great mixed-use structure and a full convenience store is almost as close as your kitchen! Late night snacks take on a whole new dimension with convenience store in your basement!

I hope you enjoy this information and pictures. Please contact me if you'd like floorplans, pricing or would like to consider reserving a unit. I work closely with buyers in the downtown market.


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Jackie Hubbard wrote: Where does a person with a relatively small mortgage loan limit (130,000) find a condo or townhouse in the downtown and surrounding areas.

Posted on Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 at 1:51pm.

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