Housing Price Index Highest since 2008

Posted by Highrises.com Concierge on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 at 1:46pm.

The latest report released by CoreLogic showed that the Housing Price Index (HPI) is at the highest level since June 2008.  The HPI in November 2013 was measured at 164.3307, a value which has not been that high since June 2008 when it was at 164.4140.  

The lowest in the period was 134.2909 back in February 2012.  The last time the HPI was 100 was back in Jan 2000, and six years later in April 2006 was 199.493.  The HPI index is a measurement of the movement of the prices of homes nationally.  It tracks these price changes in 363 metropolises.  

Calculated Risk Blog used the data from CoreLogic and made this great visual to see the trends more easily.

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