Hawaii Judges Hold Keys to Foreclosure Issue

Posted on Monday, July 11th, 2011 at 11:10am.

Hawaii Judges Hold Keys to Foreclosure Issue

According to an article written by Netra HalperinĀ the online edition of the "Maui News", "Fannie Mae, one of Hawaii's largest mortgage holders, just announced that it would forego mediation and instead attempt only judicial foreclosures. It is interesting to note that Fannie Mae is happily participating in mediation processes in other states that do not have the documentation requirement."

"Now all sights are set on the judiciary. Will Hawaii's judges require lenders to show documentation proving they have the legal authority to foreclose, as are Oregon's judges? Our judges hold the key to correcting this real estate and economic nosedive."

Read the rest of the article, "Judges Hold Keys to Foreclosure Issue".

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