Greener Nimitz Highway in Honolulu - From Honolulu International Airport to Waikiki

Posted on Thursday, May 5th, 2011 at 11:13am.

Greener Nimitz Highway in Honolulu - From Honolulu International Airport to Waikiki

According to the "Honolulu Star Advertiser", "With 80 percent of tourists taking the Nim­itz Highway route to Waikiki, Schatz said, "first impressions are everything. ... It's very important to Kalihi, it's important to Hono­lulu, it's important to the state of Hawaii to have a Nim­itz Highway we can be proud of."

"The project will plant 116 coconut palms, 89 Fiji fan palms and two acres of St. Augustine grass along a 1.4-mile stretch between Sand Island Access Road and Ala­kawa Street, said Dan Meisenzahl, spokes­man for the state Department of Transportation."

Read the rest of the "Honolulu Star Advertiser" article.

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