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You've likely heard some less familiar names coming up in discussions of hot real estate markets. San Francisco, New York, LA and Chicago are still amazing places to live. However, cities such as San Antonio and Nashville are making the news by becoming some of the biggest boomtowns of the year. These cities are experiencing some of the fastest population, economic, and job growth in the country. Here is the list of our top ten up-and-coming cities, 2019 edition.


1. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is pretty friendly to builders, but that isn't stopping people from buying up inventory faster than it comes on the market. Consider a pre-construction sale if you want to compete with the wave of buyers moving here. 


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One of the most common questions we are asked is whether or not a condo is able to be used as a short term rental, for AirBnb. AirBnb can be a great investment opportunity but so can more stable long term investments. 

If you decide that AirBnb is for you, the path forward isn't always simple. You'll likely deal with competitors, opposition from community organizations that have an interest in exclusivity, long-term tenancy or other factors. The positives are, you will have support from companies like Airbnb and HomeAway that facilitate the brokerage of short term rentals (STRs), if you learn their systems. Real estate brokers, hotels, home-owners' associations, management companies, state governments, insurance companies, zoning boards —

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Millennium Tower SFWell that didn't take long... Only 8 days after KTVU reported that Millennium Tower in SF was sinking and leaning at an alarming rate the first resident has filed a lawsuit. John Eng has filed a $500M lawsuit in SF Superior Court against the developer and the Transbay Joint Powers Authority seeking damages from the "diminution of value" of all the condos at Millennium Tower. In fact we have seen several condos currently for sale at Millennium Tower drop their prices recently, something that rarely happens in the hot SF condo market.

What's to be done? According to a story in SFGate the HOA says they are focusing on the repairs that are appropriate and recovering those costs. That same story mentions there are cracks and water intrusion in the garage,

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On February 1st a city ordinance went into effect allowing some residential properties to conduct short-term residential rentals of all or a portion of their units for a period of less than 30 nights . Permanent Residents (owners and tenants) will be able to apply to place their residential unit on the Planning Department’s Short-Term Residential Rental Registry. The fee for the initial application is $50.00. Your registration will remain valid for two years. To register your unit, you will need to make an appointment with the San Francisco Planning Department to meet with staff and submit your application.Visit the planning departments website to get more information and to get an application,

You can also get more

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Sweet - this is cool to see - the Argyle Garage is right there at Lindell and Euclid - part of the Schlafly Library building... good sign for urban living in the Central West End!

Enterprise CarShare expands to the Central West End - St. Louis Business Journal Enterprise CarShare has announced a one-car expansion to its St. Louis car share fleet in the Central West End. BIZJOURNALS.COM
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Forbes Names “Where to Invest in 2015” 

Forbes came up with this data based on several factors including population, average home price, population growth, annual job growth, unemployment, annual price growth, over/under priced and home price/rent ratio.

To view available properties, click on the city name.

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Provo, Utah
  3. Houston, Texas
  4. Orlando, Florida
  5. Dallas, Texas
  6. San Antonio, Texas
  7. Denver, Colorado
  8. Boise, Idaho
  9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  10. Fort Worth, Texas
  11. Phoenix, Arizona
  12. Salt Lake City, Utah
  13. Atlanta, Georgia
  14. North Port, Florida
  15. West Palm Beach, Florida
  16. Jacksonville, Florida
  17. Twin Cities, Minnesota
  18. Tacoma, Washington
  19. Sacramento, California
  20. Grand Rapids, Michigan is already

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While many of our clients are veteran home buyers, just as many are first-timers, haven’t bought a home in many years, or haven’t bought property in Texas (and things do vary some from state to state). So today I thought I’d take a few minutes to outline how we go about it here in Austin.


Austin’s condo market is hotter than its August temperatures, so it’s important to show a Seller you mean business. Either a letter from your bank declaring assets sufficient for a CASH PURCHASE or a pre-qualification letter from a lender stating your eligibility for a MORTGAGE will be needed to get your foot in the door when presenting an offer.

The first step for non-cash Buyers, then, is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Different

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No, we haven’t gone on a diet, but recent news from developer Constructive Ventures could have us breathing a little easier by 2018.

According to the Austin American Statesmen, plans for a mixed used development on the 1.7 acre block at Third Street and West Avenue, former home of the Austin Energy Control Center, will include up to 400 new condominium units. The project will be sited just north of the Seaholm Condominiums, currently under construction, and west of the popular 360, in walking distance of…well, just about everything!

Financing considerations will dictate the precise start date, but Constructive Ventures and partner developer Aspen Heights are aiming for the fourth quarter of 2015. Construction is estimated to take two and a half years.

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Real estate continues to grow in strength in Southwest Florida as economic factors, combined with renewed interest from buyers, continue to help the market surge forward.

The Bonita Springs - Estero Association of REALTORS® (BEAR) released its latest report for April 2014. The report covers a broad array of real estate statistics that together paint a portrait of the local real estate market and ongoing trends.


Median Sales Price Decreases Monthly

One figure that stands out in the report is the area median sales price. In April 2013, the figure stood at $349,000. As of April of this year, that figure was 6.4 percent lower, at $326,500. This figure is also lower than the $353,500 reported in March 2014, but higher than the $308,500 reported in

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The real estate market continues on through the first quarter of 2014 and into the second, and as we near the mid-way point of the year, we know that real estate has come a long way from the doldrums of the recession. Across all segments, prices are up and activity has increased across the nation. From single-family homes as primary residences to homes picked up as secondary properties, people are not only becoming more interested in real estate, but are also becoming more able to buy – resulting in a renaissance of sorts. One area in particular that has gotten hot is the realm of vacation properties.

Vacation Property Purchases Rise

In 2013, buyers bought more vacation homes than they did in 2012 – at a 30 percent faster rate. Meanwhile,

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