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Posted by Brian Enright on Monday, November 26th, 2018 at 2:51pm.

The Downtown Community Improvement District (CID) is a180-square block area in the center of Downtown St. Louis under the care of a non-profit organization designated by the Internal Revenue Service. This District was established in January of 2000 when local property owners decided they wanted a safer, cleaner, more beautiful Downtown that’s revitalized both commercially and residentially. This CID is one of over 1,500 business or Community Improvement Districts throughout the US and North America working in tandem to create thriving urban communities. These improvement districts are almost entirely funded by sales tax in Missouri. Since establishing the Downtown CID, the total assessed value of all property located within the District has more than doubled (113%) over the past 10 year–– this growth far surpasses that of the rest of St. Louis City (88%) and St. Louis County (48%).

Since 2000, the Downtown CID has:

  • Helped reduce downtown crime by over 25%
  • Created new District events including Downtown Restaurant Week, Downtown Farmers Market, and Downtown Parties on the Plaza
  • Had $3.6 billion invested in the District
  • Had over 2,500 new residents move into the District
  • Had over 160 new street level restaurants, shops, and services open in the District
  • Had over 80 historic buildings renovated and revitalized in the District

That being said, here are four projects currently underway by the Downtown CID:

1. The Clean Team

This is a dedicated full-time cleaning crew that clears trash and debris from the streets, sidewalks, and public areas throughout the Downtown District. The Clean Team works seven days a week both on foot and on street/sidewalk sweeper machines. Not only do they ensure sidewalks are clean but they also have funds to make sidewalk repairs and improvements. Some other services provided by the Clean Team include a dog waste disposal campaign, graffiti removal within 24 hours, landscaping, and maintenance of the Old Post Office Plaza and Downtown Bike Station. There’s even a hotline you can call for special clean up requests.

Here’s what The Clean Team has accomplished in the Downtown District:

  • Resolved 2,327 maintenance issues
  • 80% of 292 reported issues resolved including potholes, damaged streets and curbs, and damaged traffic lights
  • 507 pounds of cigarettes have been collected and recycled
  • 260 hanging planter baskets installed, 20 new trees planted, and maintenance of 200 planters and 1,220 trees

2. Improved Safety & Security

The Downtown CID makes safety of residents and visitors a priority. That’s why supplemental Police Patrols have been added via foot, bike, scooter, ATV, and horseback.

Here are the safety improvements that have been accomplished::

  • Added secondary officer patrol on foot and ATV, Monday thru Friday, 10AM to 9PM
  • 1,300 citizen safety escorts by secondary officers in the CID
  • 1,600 safety and security discussions with area businesses and patrons
  • 6 secondary officers added to the entertainment district

3. Economic & Residential Development

The CID staff works with city and state officials, developers, property owners, businesses, and residents to redevelop the District. Services of the CID include market research, data collection and analysis, retail/restaurant/office development and recruitment, and residential development and recruitment. 

District Development Goals: 

  • The Downtown Economic Development Council (DEDC) wants to add 17,000 net new jobs and increase office occupancy by two million square feet by 2020.
  • The Retail Development Committee wants to add 200,000 square feet of new shopping, dining, entertainment, and services within the District by 2020.
  • The Residential Development Committee wants to increase the downtown residential population by 7,500 residents by 2020.

And here are some great projects in either finished or in the works in the District: 

  • T-REX, a co-working space and regional technology entrepreneurship center in the Railway Exchange Building launched in 2011.
  • Ballpark Village, a $100 million enclosed indoor space of a dozen restaurants, bars, and sports viewing across the street from Busch Stadium opened in 2014.
  • National Blues Museum, a $14 million investment currently under development.
  • 4 hotels and 436 apartments under construction
  • 168 new apartments delivered
  • 12,000 rides given during eCab pilot with 80% of people rating it 5 stars

4. My STL City

Downtown STL, Inc. created #mySTL as an initiative  to engage the community and help share the stories of locals and visitors to St. Louis. They launched this platform to help gather community insight and help raise awareness of the great things happening in the city. 

There is a growing presence both online and offline with #mySTL:

  • Over 100 stories told on the blog
  • 30 events hosted and 200 events supported annually
  • Database of over 160,000 email subscribers
  • Social media following of over 185,000 

There are always new projects in the works in Downtown CID. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest details.


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