Downtown San Diego Events and Happenings - March 2019

Posted by Brian Enright on Friday, March 1st, 2019 at 2:53pm.

What's happening in downtown San Diego this Month? Everything! From concerts, open-air activities, and family-friendly fun. There is plenty to choose and something for everyone.

Musical Performances

March kicks off on a weekend this year, so there's plenty to do in the first couple days. Many of the downtown bars host events like live music, karaoke, stand-up comedy, and other entertainment. Two of our favorites are Casbah and the House of Blues. If you’re in the mood for a show, be sure to grab tickets to Disney's Aladdin on Broadway at The San Diego Civic Theater, or Diana at the La Jolla Playhouse.

Here is a list of March concerts and Festivals:
  • March 1: Expand your musical palette with a classical-jazz fusion flute event at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library at 1008 Wall Street in La Jolla.
  • March 2 to 3: Head over to the >CRSSD festival at Waterfront Park — if you can score some late tickets.
  • March 5: See Muse live at the Pechanga Arena.
  • March 8: Catch the opening of Three Decembers at the San Diego Opera.
  • March 11: Jazz up your Monday with the annual cross-genre San Diego Music Awards event at the House of Blues downtown.
  • March 24: Check out an acclaimed collegiate choir performance at the downtown First Presbyterian Church in the afternoon. 


Outdoor Events

Take advantage of our Southern California weather and head out to one of these March outdoor events: 


Family Fun

There are plenty of safe, fun events in and around San Diego that are great for kids. Movies, concerts, sports events, learning museums and farmer's markets — children (and the young at heart) have a great variety of options. Here are a few highlights:

  • March 1 to 4: Head to the big top in Westfield Plaza, because Circus Vargas is back for its 50th year.
  • All month: Go on an exploratory adventure all week with the San Diego Puzzling Drive that goes from Balboa Park to the Presidio.
  • Any time but Tuesday: Visit the New Children's Museum for variety of transformative learning experiences that pair creativity with critical thinking.


Downtown San Diego Partnership

The Downtown San Diego Partnership is a nonprofit with the goal of fostering growth in the central area of the city. You can find a listing of featured and sponsored events on their website.


The San Diego Reader

The Reader is the city's definitive place to go for upcoming news and cultural events. It's an especially good resource if you're looking for stand-up comedy, concerts or theater. You'll appreciate the accurate, concise listings and fact-heavy reviews of musical acts and theatrical performances.


San Diego Magazine

From the opening of a long-standing garden show in the beginning of March to a bass concert in the evening of the 31st, San Diego Magazine offers a comprehensive outlook of happenings of all types in the city this month. Check the event pages out for extra information.


San Diego's downtown is a live-work-play nexus with something new happening every night. Plus, it offers great access to the neighboring communities around the metro area. With the good weather and amicable population, these events often well attended and well enjoyed. If you're interested in what's going on downtown, why not look into living here? Here's an up-to-date directory of the condos for sale in San Diego.


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