Camouflage High-Rise Can Disappear

Posted by Concierge on Monday, September 23rd, 2013 at 2:47pm.

A new high-rise in Korea claims it can disappear using cameras and LED lights and screens.   The building will have 500 rows of LED screens.  With a push of a button the building takes a picture of the background behind it and then projects it onto a screen for the viewer.   The cameras located nearby project the desired visuals onto the tower to help it blend in with the skyline.  GDS Architects, who designed Infinity Tower claim the entire building can disappear under the right set of circumstances.  The building will also have the world’s third highest observation deck and will be one of the top ten tallest buildings standing at 1476 feet.  In aims to attract  more tourists, Infinity Tower will primarily serve as an entertainment venue and include restaurants, a roller coaster and a waterpark.  Although the building is approved, it has yet to receive funding.

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