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Do you love the condo lifestyle, but need to have some green space nearby? Then check out these seven Dallas high-rise condo buildings that are either right next door to a park or with a block or two.

7. Aventura - Addison

Aventura is north of Dallas in the city of Addison. There are a couple of parks next to this building. Right across the street is the small Beckert Park, and just down the street is the bigger 10-acre Addison Circle Park where many of Addison's popular events take place like Kaboom Town and Taste Addison. View available condos at Aventura.

6. 588 Lofts - Uptown Dallas

588 is in the State-Thomas neighborhood of Uptown Dallas and is literally right next door to the 7.4 acre Griggs Park. View available condos at 588.

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high-rises fireworks

Written by Brian Enright

Millions of Americans love watching fireworks on the 4th and New Years Eve.  In fact we like them so much that we pile in the car, sit in the heat for hours to get a good spot and then suffer the traffic to get back home.  What if you could just step out onto your terrace for the best view?  Then when it's over and everyone else has to schlep back to their car you just step inside for another glass of wine.  If that sounds like a good way to enjoy the show then take a look at the list below.  We asked each Highrises.com partner agent and high-rise specialist which buildings have the best fireworks views.   Consider a condo in these buildings if you like to entertain on holidays.  OR find a friend who lives in one of them...

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