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Earth Day is officially April 22nd. We’ve been celebrating Earth Day in the US since April 1970 when 20 million Americans demonstrated to force the protection of our environment onto the national agenda. In December 1970, Congress created a new federal agency to handle environmental issues– the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Prior to the creation of the EPA, there were no regulations keeping factories from releasing toxic smoke into the air or dumping toxic waste into local water sources. It was completely legal to poison our environment. If not for the EPA, we would not have the Clean Air Act nor the Clean Water Act. Earth Day is a time to celebrate and renew our dedication as Americans to protect the environment we live in.

The following are

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The amenity rich lifestyle that accompanies High-rise living can be all encompassing. However, one thing that can be difficult to incorporate to condo living is green space.  Living near a park isn't just good for our furry friends, having a one nearby is good for people too. If having a park within a block or two of your home is important to you, check out these Atlanta condo buildings.

5. Centennial Park West - Downtown

Centennial Park West is a popular building located in Downtown Atlanta. One of the biggest perks about living here is that you're just steps away from Centennial Olympic Park. Home to the 1996 summer Olympics, Centennial Olympic Park is a 22 acre urban green space featuring the iconic Fountain of Rings, gardens, walking and

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Do you love the condo lifestyle, but need to have some green space nearby? Then check out these seven Dallas high-rise condo buildings that are either right next door to a park or with a block or two.

7. Aventura - Addison

Aventura is north of Dallas in the city of Addison. There are a couple of parks next to this building. Right across the street is the small Beckert Park, and just down the street is the bigger 10-acre Addison Circle Park where many of Addison's popular events take place like Kaboom Town and Taste Addison. View available condos at Aventura.

6. 588 Lofts - Uptown Dallas

588 is in the State-Thomas neighborhood of Uptown Dallas and is literally right next door to the 7.4 acre Griggs Park. View available condos at 588.

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About the Challenge

The Great Cycle Challenge is a cycling fundraiser for the Children’s Cancer Research Center held throughout June. The event started just four years ago in 2015 and has since grown to become one of the biggest cycling events in the US, having raised a total of $16,070,740 to support the research and development of better treatments and a cure for childhood cancer.

People of all ages and abilities across the country participate in the challenge, setting cycling goals to reach by the end of June for the cause of fighting kids’ cancer.

With over 15,700 American children diagnosed with cancer every year and 38 of those children dying every week, the need for a cure is great. Highrises St. Louis Partner, Gregg Sharpe, is an annual

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What is the NGA?

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is the country’s main source of geospatial intelligence for the Department of Defense and the US Intelligence Community. This world-leading government organization supports US national security, defense, and disaster relief. The NGA enables our nation and ally nations with a decisive advantage in policymaking, war, and emergency response.

Every GPS and location-dependent service used in the US relies upon the NGA to function from flying US aircraft to the GPS system on your phone.

The NGA headquarters is in Springfield, Virginia, with a major location in Arnold, Missouri, and a new location currently being built in the City of St. Louis. That new location is a huge project head up

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In some ways, Nashville, TN, is a lot like many American cities. For example, the median home price was right in line with the national average: around $263,000 in Nashville to around $267,000 across the country. But there are some things aren't so average — the city more than doubled the national year-over-year home price increase. 


What's driving the huge spike in prices? There are a lot of factors, but one of the biggest ones is demand. People just really want to live here for the vibrant, urban lifestyle. Here is what a cool half million could buy in today's market. 


Two of the neighborhoods that shoppers in this price range should consider are The Gulch, where many of Nashville's newest buildings are going up, or over in Germantown,

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Although the revitalization of downtown Los Angeles hasn’t been overnight, its momentum has picked up dramatically in recent years. In the past five years, the area has seen the emergence of more than 500 new restaurants, bars, nightclubs and retail shops.

Overall, Luxury condo/loft prices in DTLA are holding steady at an average Sold Price of $680/Square Foot with a .7% annual price change. Although the sold volume for DTLA dropped to 459 units in 2018 from 482 units in 2017, it represents over 50% of the sold volume in all Los Angeles areas covered by the MLS (See the chart below on Condos Market Statistics).  This is indicative of the continued high demand for Downtown LA real estate. 


The median Price Per Square Foot for DTLA

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Austin, TX, is, a very cool place to live by all accounts. Not to mention, it is one of our top ten cities to watch in 2019. There's live music everywhere and the city has a vibrant arts scene. However, if you're considering moving to Austin these days, it's probably because you're taking advantage of one of the job opportunities that have been popping up all over the metro area.

It would be hard to mention new jobs in Austin without talking about Apple. The tech mega-giant just added 5000 new jobs to the area, and that has a definite effect on housing in the city. Here's what $500,000 could get you in the Texas capital's newly competitive market. 

The two places you would probably want to look to get the most for your money in a centrally located

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You've likely heard some less familiar names coming up in discussions of hot real estate markets. San Francisco, New York, LA and Chicago are still amazing places to live. However, cities such as San Antonio and Nashville are making the news by becoming some of the biggest boomtowns of the year. These cities are experiencing some of the fastest population, economic, and job growth in the country. Here is the list of our top ten up-and-coming cities, 2019 edition.


1. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is pretty friendly to builders, but that isn't stopping people from buying up inventory faster than it comes on the market. Consider a pre-construction sale if you want to compete with the wave of buyers moving here. 


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One of the most common questions we are asked is whether or not a condo is able to be used as a short term rental, for AirBnb. AirBnb can be a great investment opportunity but so can more stable long term investments. 

If you decide that AirBnb is for you, the path forward isn't always simple. You'll likely deal with competitors, opposition from community organizations that have an interest in exclusivity, long-term tenancy or other factors. The positives are, you will have support from companies like Airbnb and HomeAway that facilitate the brokerage of short term rentals (STRs), if you learn their systems. Real estate brokers, hotels, home-owners' associations, management companies, state governments, insurance companies, zoning boards —

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