Do you have a child attending college in Denver? Here's where to buy.

Posted by Brian Enright on Monday, February 11th, 2019 at 2:35pm.

There are a lot of moving parts that come with sending your kid to college and after determining which school they'll attend, one of the next big decisions is choosing where they'll live. Things to consider in order to create the best environment for your child while they are attending school in Denver involve making sure there's good physical access to the campus, community, and the resources the city has to offer.

Are You Considering All of Your Options? 

The dorms might be a good start. Many colleges in the city — and across the nation, for that matter — require your freshman to come in and spend a year in on-campus housing. Few kids want to stay there long-term; dorm situations are often densely populated, not to mention quite expensive for the space provided. Luckily, these housing policies are negotiable under some circumstances, such as with older or transfer students. 

Are You Planning Ahead for Your Child's Housing Needs?

Even if it will be a year or so before your student moves in, it might be a good move to start the process of purchasing a condo now. Housing prices in Denver have been on the uptick for many years now, making real estate in the central area highly desirable as investment property. 

There are plenty of options of good potential all-around investments that could double as excellent college housing. It's often best to look for buildings with good security, plenty of amenities, and of course, a central location that gets kids to class on time. 

Are You Searching in the Best Spots for Long-Term Purchases?

Luckily, CU Denver and Metro State are also both close to the downtown area. What that means is; when you're ready to sell or rent your condo, your real estate is in high demand. People looking to live here include urban professionals, investors, people looking for in-town homes and, of course, families with college students.

One example of a great buy is the Spire. It's one of the best locations in town for students, and it satisfies all of the other criteria as well with great security and numerous amenities. In terms of investment potential, it's an A-list property that's been an appreciation leader in the city for the past 10 years. There are plenty of other properties to choose from too, so check out the available condos in Downtown Denver today.


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