Are there any down payment assistance programs available for buying a house in Denver now?

Posted by Nicole Rufener on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 at 3:55pm.


I need help with a down payment.  Are there any down payment assistance programs left to help me buy a house in Denver now?

 While down payment assistance used to be the norm for first time buyers, it has been quite awhile since I wrote an offer asking the seller to contribute 6% towards the buyers closing costs and down payment assistance.  But could those days be coming back?  There is surprisingly a large number of down payment assistance programs currently available through local counties and cities for those needing help getting extra funds to buy and close. 

Many of these programs have restrictions and some require the money to be paid back, usually interest free over a period of time.  These programs can offer a great way for buyers to get into a home and start building equity.  For more information, click here to get a full list of what is offered in your city and make sure to talk to your agent and lender further about the possibilities.


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