April 2020

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We’re all going a bit stir crazy during this time of sheltering in place, no? (And to those of you medical professionals and other essential workers taking care of the rest of us, THANK YOU!)  

Whether furloughed, working from home with freed time from lack of commuting, or just a slower life from lack of socializing, here are 7 low-cost, simple, and satisfying home projects you can tackle now. Your future self will thank you when these are complete and you’re back to work, busy, and social!

First off, please remember to keep yourself safe, and note that any trip to the hardware store is a health risk, as well as online ordering from warehouses. Practice all precautions! If you’re following our site, you may be a renter or a homeowner looking to

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How is the Gross Rent Multiplier Calculated?

Calculating the gross rent multiplier for a parcel of real estate is simple: market value divided by gross annual rent income. For example, if you have a million-dollar condo building that makes $150,000 a year, the GRM is 6 2/3. You should raise an eyebrow at any GRM above 12 or below 4.

Estimating Market Value

Usually, you'll be solving for fair market price. Multiply an average GRM for your target market by the amount of money you expect to earn in rent on a specific property, and you should get that property's estimated market value.

Comparing With Other Metrics

GRM is not the whole story. In fact, it's generally less reliable than capitalization rate — another popular investment property

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