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Call it what you will: Rincon Hill, East Cut, or the Financial District. Regardless of the name, this is one of the most desirable areas of the city — and LUMINA San Francisco is one of its freshest and most desirable buildings.

Lumina stands out in more ways than one. It places world-class amenities on a prime downtown location overlooking one of the best urban vistas in the country. here are our top favorite things about this new, iconic building.


1. The Amenities

Lumina's amenities are all world class, but the builders went above and beyond with a truly massive gym on site for residents. In addition to the gym, there's a heated lap pool and a full spa. The architects devoted two levels and over 7,000 square feet to this health center and

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There are a lot of moving parts that come with sending your kid to college and after determining which school they'll attend, one of the next big decisions is choosing where they'll live. Things to consider in order to create the best environment for your child while they are attending school in Denver involve making sure there's good physical access to the campus, community, and the resources the city has to offer.

Are You Considering All of Your Options? 

The dorms might be a good start. Many colleges in the city — and across the nation, for that matter — require your freshman to come in and spend a year in on-campus housing. Few kids want to stay there long-term; dorm situations are often densely populated, not to mention quite expensive for the

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Fort Worth is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. In fact, the DFW Metroplex is the fourth-largest urban area in the country. People who come here from throughout the South — and from across the Nation — are flocking to a particular little section of downtown Fort Worth west of the center.

A Thriving Community

When looking for Fort Worth real estate, you'll quickly realize there's a lot packed into a relatively small geographical area. That's why it helps to break up your search into smaller neighborhoods. To get access to the hottest restaurants, the most important cultural institutions, and the liveliest nightlife, you should definitely consider the West 7th corridor. It's the best place to get that contemporary live-work-play

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Downtown Denver is booming and people are buying up hot properties quickly, but there are still some hidden treasures in the market and the centrally located West Colfax/Sloan's Lake neighborhood is one of those treasures.

A Natural Connection

One of the nice things about West Colfax is the connection to nature. Sloan's Lake is one of the largest bodies of water in the city, with plenty of opportunities for fishing, recreation, or just plain old relaxation. There's also Lakewood Gulch, which forms the southern border of the neighborhood. Major projects transformed it over the course of several years into an accessible green space, complete with a multi-use trail.

An Urban Experience

While there's plenty of shopping and entertainment on the

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The City of San Antonio is a modern Texan metropolis set within a unique Western-Spanish aesthetic. The city has no lack of new developments going on or big-city amenities but what's special about San Antonio is that it is also set around major historical Texas sites, like the Alamo. There's even a NBA team.

Sports events and world-famous tourist destinations are definitely reasons you'd want to visit the city but the real secret to why people love living here is the walkable San Antonio lifestyle. In fact, most of residents' long-time favorite pastimes, such as hiking the natural and cultural landmarks in the hill country, revolve around getting around on your own two feet. The hottest nightlife and entertainment spot in the city, the San Antonio

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